My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469 Vacation

Eventually, they decided to skip the engagement process since they’d have to wait for a while before they could get on with their marriage. They wanted to go straight for the wedding, and Queenie had no objections to that. She didn’t want to go through the engagement process either.

“I have an idea of where to hold our wedding. Let’s do it on a beautiful island. My cousin and his wife had held their wedding there before, and it was really romantic.”

“Okay.” Anticipation flowed in Queenie’s eyes.

“We can spend a week there starting tomorrow. Take a look around. If you like it, I’ll get the wedding planner to start the preparations,” Nigel suggested.

Queenie was already looking forward to the trip, and she nodded. “Sure, we can take a trip there.”

It was already lunchtime, and the elders were still chatting happily. They agreed to the idea of skipping the engagement and going straight to the wedding.

“Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein, Queenie and I will be staying on the island for a week to see if we like the place. If Queenie likes it, we’ll be holding our wedding there,” Nigel said.

“Nigel, you shouldn’t call them Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein anymore.” Brenda shot her son a look.

He blushed slightly as he looked at the Silverstein couple once more. “Father, Mother.”

The Silverstein couple froze for a moment, but their hearts were filled with delight. They loved having a man like Nigel as their son-in-law.

“Of course, Nigel.” They gave their approval right away.

Queenie blushed and stared down nervously. She raised a glass of wine and greeted the Manson couple, “A toast, Father, Mother.”

Brenda and her husband exchanged a smile and raised their glasses to toast as well.

They gathered around the living room after dinner, and Brenda gave the Silverstein girls two sets of jewelry. She also gave Maggie an expensive emerald necklace.

Then, she gave them the keys to a villa. “A gift. You guys are living quite a distance from Nigel’s house. This villa is only a mile away. That way, you can visit Queenie anytime you want,” Brenda said.

The Silverstein couple was moved. They appreciated Brenda’s gesture.

“Thank you, but we can’t possibly take this,” Brandon responded.

“Oh, we’re a family now. Of course, you can take this.”

“Father, Mother, Queenie and I would like you to live closer to us. We can help out if anything happens,” Nigel convinced.

With that, the Silverstein couple finally took the gift, and Queenie was thankful for Brenda’s consideration. She wanted her parents to have a better life and living near her made visits easier.

The Manson couple left at 3.00PM. They had to start preparing for the wedding, and Queenie started packing up for the vacation.

Jessie had work to do as well. She had a week of class to attend, though she missed today’s lesson because she had to deal with some family matters. However, after this, she had to take things seriously.

Nigel came to pick Queenie up early the next morning. She took a small suitcase with her. That was all she needed for a week of vacation.

“Remember to take some pictures, Queenie. We wanna see the island, too,” Jessie said.

“Sure. Take care of Dad and Mom, alright?”

“Leave them to me. You have fun with your husband.”

Nigel was happy to hear Jessie calling him that. He held Queenie’s hand and led her out.

They went across town and came to a port. There was already a helicopter awaiting them. Queenie had never ridden on a helicopter before, and it was a new and fun experience for her. Though, she held onto Nigel like a koala at first as the chopper took off. Only after the flight finally settled down did she have the time to enjoy the sea’s view.

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