My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468 Visit

“You don’t want to see this?” Queenie puckered her lips and harrumphed.

“Just don’t want anyone else to see this. The Internet is a dangerous place. Just come over and show me yourself tomorrow,” Nigel said gently.

Aww, he’s so sweet. She could never get tired of looking at him. “My dad and mom should arrive at ten tomorrow morning,” he informed.

She nodded in acknowledgment. “Alright, I’ll wake up early and get myself dressed up.”

“It’s getting late. Get some sleep.”

Queenie looked at the time and noticed it was already 10.30PM. However, she still wanted to stay up. “Aww, let’s talk a bit more.”

“Don’t stay up too late. Listen to some songs and read a little. Then, go to sleep,” Nigel purred.

Heeding his words, she ended the video call. It was only then that she realized she was actually getting sleepy, so she played some music to help with her sleep.

Queenie and Jessie came down at 8.00AM. Their parents were waiting for them around the dining table, and the girls sat down around them. They made a happy family.

“Dad, Mom, Nigel and his parents will be here at ten.”

“Alright, I have already told the chef to make a feast for them.”

“Yay, you’re getting married, Queenie,” Jessie cheered happily.

Brandon and Maggie were in a hurry to marry her off as well. Nigel was one in a million, and they were happy that he would finally get engaged to Queenie. All they wished for was for their daughters to marry good men. They didn’t expect their kids to stay around all the time. They just wanted their children to be happy. And marrying someone in the same city would make visits easier.

“Oh, I need to prepare some fruits and snacks. Brandon, you should prepare the best wine you have.”

“Of course! I’m going to the cellar.”

Queenie took Jessie upstairs after breakfast. Jessie was in a good mood that morning. All the negative comments had turned for the better, and she even got herself some fans.

She was watching a video, and there was a photo of her in it. She was wearing the shirt the day prior. The cameraman had skills. She was standing under a tree, holding a book. The photo made her look radiant and gleaming like an innocent young lady.

Jessie blushed. Hey, Julian did this, didn’t he? He took my pic in secret. I had no idea he did that. All the comments were praising her looks. They called her a future celebrity, and she felt embarrassed. She thought the photo looked nice, though she also wondered why Julian had taken that photo.

A few minutes before 10.00AM, three cars arrived at the Silverstein Residence. Brenda and her husband emerged from the car, and their bodyguards came out holding boxes of gifts. Nigel got out of the last car. He was in a crisp suit today, and he even styled his hair nicely.

The Silverstein couple welcomed their guests eagerly. They were happy to meet each other.

“Oh, you didn’t have to do this. This must have cost a lot.”

“Ah, it’s nothing expensive. Just a little gift.”

Even though the Mansons had said that, everything that they brought over was expensive due to how rare the items were.

Queenie and Nigel locked eyes for a moment, and Queenie eventually turned away shyly. Now that their parents had met, the reality of getting married finally dawned on her, and it made her blush.

Their parents were talking among themselves while Jessie kept refilling their cups with tea. Queenie, on the other hand, led Nigel upstairs to talk.

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