My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467 Done

“I’m sorry. I just like Nigel too much, so I wanted to ensure I could have a chance at him. S-So, I did what I did. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.” Lina held her phone tightly, and her voice was broken.

Brenda harrumphed, “Next time you do this, I won’t let you off that easily.” She angrily hung up, heaved a sigh, and deleted all the photos Lina sent her.

Lina plopped back onto her bed, looking defeated. And then, her phone rang, but it was an unfamiliar number. “Who is this?”

“You slept with my husband?! I’m gonna kill you, Lina Perez!” a woman hissed.

Lina’s hand trembled, and she shouted at her computer screen, “You lied to me! Who in the world are you?!”

Back at the Manson Residence, Brenda finally felt relieved after she got the clarification she needed. She couldn’t believe this was something done by someone who wanted to date her son. She went upstairs and knocked on Nigel’s door. Right after he opened the door, she apologized, “Sorry, Nigel. I shouldn’t have doubted Queenie. I’ve deleted the photos.”

“Queenie’s a good woman, Mom. Trust me,” Nigel reassured.

“Yeah. This is my fault. I wouldn’t doubt her again. Your father and I will talk to the Silversteins about your marriage tomorrow and decide on the date,” she said.

He wrapped an arm around his mother’s shoulder. “We gotta give them some good dowry.”

“Your father and I have done the preparations. Generous preparations.” She smiled. She knew how much her son liked Queenie.

Nigel didn’t get back at Lina anymore. After all, her reputation was ruined, and getting involved with her would only sully his name. If he were to run into her, he would tell her to piss off.

Meanwhile, at the Silverstein Residence, Jessie had told everyone she was signed on as an actress during dinner, and her family was happy for her. They hoped she could make a name for herself in the industry. When she returned to her room and checked the scandal, she noticed a lot of shorts were promoting the works she used to take part in. They even edited the parts where she was in. And most of the comments praised her.

‘Whoa, that’s my favorite scene. So, she’s the stuntwoman?! I was shaken when I first saw that. I wanna fly like her.’

‘She’s a professional. Works all year long. Nobody can take that.’

‘Doing stunts isn’t easy. Respect.’

‘I could never forget that flying scene. So, she’s the one behind it? She was beautiful.’

Jessie finally felt a little at ease. At least the insults had been dramatically reduced, and the praise delighted her. Stardom must have stepped in. They’re deleting all bad comments and replacing them with good reviews. She heaved a sigh in silence. I have to work hard now. Can’t let Julian down.

In the meantime, Queenie was video-calling her boyfriend. He was resting his cheek on the back of his hand, staring at her. No matter how she looked at him, he was perfect. His face gleamed, and his eyes shone like obsidian under the light. For a moment, she wanted to go to his house and throw herself into his arms.

She was wearing thin pajamas, and she pulled her collar down in an attempt to tease him. However, she earned herself a hiss from him instead. “Wear your clothes properly.”

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