My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466 Threat

How dare they send those images to my mother? They’re trying to ruin my relationship, damn it. Once I find out who they are, they’ll be paying for it. He turned his computer on and texted one of his friends, ‘Find out who’s the one behind this number.’

‘Did you run into something?’ ‘Just find out the owner of this number.’

‘Can do,’ his friend texted. He was a powerful hacker who could find anything as long as they were online.

Lina had forgotten all about what she had sent Brenda. It was just a simple message, and she didn’t care what would happen. If the images managed to ruin the engagement, she thought she would have a chance at Nigel. She was binge-watching some shows online, but then her screen turned black all of a sudden. “What happened?” She was shocked. Did my computer die?

Right then, a message slowly showed up on her screen. ‘Lina Perez, you have gone too far.’

Her heart skipped a beat. What’s going on? Who’s controlling my computer? What are they trying to do?

‘He knows. Nigel knows you sent his mother those images. You’d better have an explanation for that, or your family’s company will know no peace.’

Lina paled, her heart palpitating. She was in shock and had no idea what to do. Does Nigel know about it?! That’s fast. And now he’s controlling my computer to warn me?

Then, a few photos popped up on the screen. They were photos of her from when she fooled around with other guys. Terrified, she held her head. “Who are you? What do you want? Don’t touch my photos! Don’t look at them!”

‘I wonder what’ll happen to you if I send these to your male friends. You know how it is with karma. It always comes back to bite you.’

The hacker was slowly uncovering the dark side of Lina Perez, counting all the sins she had done, and Lina’s face turned red.

“No, don’t do that, please. I’ll apologize to him. I promise!” Lina quickly apologized despite the fact she had no idea if the hacker could hear her.

However, to her surprise, the hacker actually heard her. He texted, ‘You have five minutes. Apologize, or I will ruin you.’ With that, another photo popped up. It was an image of her sleeping with a married man, who was a famous businessman. ‘Does his wife know you slept with her husband?’

“No, please! I’m sorry! Have mercy!” Lina was sitting on her bed, almost kneeling. If these photos went out to the public, she would be ruined.

‘Then, explain yourself to Mrs. Manson. I’ll be waiting.’

The screen returned to normal. With shaky hands, Lina held her phone and called Brenda.

“Hello. Who’s this?” Brenda asked.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Manson. I’m Lina. Lina Perez. I was the one who sent those images. I didn’t mean it. The woman in those images isn’t Queenie. It’s her sister, Bonnie. She was the one who sent those photos to me. She wanted me to slander Queenie. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

Brenda heaved a sigh of relief. Thank goodness it’s not Queenie. But I can’t believe this lady would do that. This is pure evil. “Miss Perez, why did you slander my son’s fiancée?” she asked angrily.

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