My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465 Investigation Begins

Nigel hunkered down, and Queenie quickly leaped onto his back. He easily lifted her. Strolling across the plains under the sunset was a romantic feeling.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned on his back, a sweet smile curling her lips.

“I’ll take you home first. I need to settle something tonight,” he said.

“We aren’t having dinner together?”

“This might take a while. Spend some time with Jessie.”

“Yeah. I do need to spend more time with Jessie.” Queenie thought she needed to stay with Jessie more as they had just reunited not long ago.

After Nigel sent her home, he quickly went back to the Manson Residence. His mother sounded stern, and he wanted to know what had happened.

Brenda had yet to have dinner. Her husband hadn’t come back, and neither was her son. When it was about 7.30PM, she heard someone parking their car in the yard, and her son came in soon after.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” Nigel sat beside her. He was surprised to see her so depressed.

“Nigel, tell me the truth. Has Queenie dated anyone before? How far have they gone?” Brenda wanted to know more about Queenie’s past. The images still haunted her. She was worried Nigel might marry the wrong woman. It would mean disaster for the family.

Queenie had left a good first impression, but the photos showed a different side of her, and it made Brenda panic.

Nigel nodded at her question. “She had dated someone before, but the most they did was hold hands. Other than that, nothing.”

Brenda looked at her son as she was worried that he might have been duped. This was his marriage they were talking about. “Are you sure they’re just friends?”

“I am very sure.” He was certain that nothing had happened between Leslie and Queenie. “Queenie’s a good girl. What’s wrong, Mom?” He was confused by his mother’s behavior.

“You wanna know why I asked all that?” She took her phone out right then and showed him the photos. “Look. Someone sent these to me. And this side of Queenie worries me.”

Nigel took the phone and narrowed his eyes. The woman in the images did look like Queenie, but he knew it wasn’t her. It was Bonnie, the fake Silverstein daughter. “This isn’t Queenie, Mom. It’s Nina, the girl who pretended to be Queenie’s sister.”

Brenda froze. She wore her spectacles and stared at the girl in the images. “You sure it’s not Queenie?”

“Very sure. Someone must have sent you these to ruin my relationship with Queenie. They also want you to think badly of her.”

“But who would do that?” She couldn’t think of anyone who would want to harm their relationship.

“Mom, this isn’t Queenie. Don’t play into their hands. I’ll find out who’s behind this.” He was livid. Someone’s trying to ruin Queenie’s reputation. Bonnie’s jailed, so it’s not her. Someone else is behind this.

Brenda was still doubtful. She had never seen Bonnie before, so she had a hard time believing that a girl who did cosmetic surgery could look exactly like Queenie. “You should look into this. I hope this isn’t Queenie. And I’d like to know who’s behind this.” She wanted the truth. It’d be best if the woman in these images wasn’t Queenie.

Nigel made a mental note of the number that sent these photos to Brenda before going upstairs. Fury welled within him. Who dares to try and ruin our relationship?

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