My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464 Sent

Hmm, my friend’s mother met up with Brenda before. I think I can get Brenda’s phone number from her.

Lina made the call and promised her friend she would give her a spot on her private jet the next time she went on a vacation. Her friend readily agreed to the favor because of that.

Lina got a number a while later. She looked at it, feeling smug. I bet Queenie wouldn’t expect an interrogation from the Mansons. Let’s change that, shall we?

Brenda returned home at six. The moment she got out of her car, her phone kept ringing. She wondered who it was. And six messages at the same time?

She checked the messages out, and what she saw shocked her to the core. The woman in the photos was Queenie, and the images were explicit. That woman was resting her chin on the arm of a man, and Brenda could see the man’s hair in the corner of the photo. He also stuck his tongue out. Just the sight of this made her feel uncomfortable.

The following images were even more disgusting, so she swiftly turned her phone off. Her mind was in chaos. Who sent these? Is that Queenie? Did she date someone before? And she even took these photos?

No matter how much Brenda liked Queenie, she couldn’t accept this. The woman in the images was the definition of lurid. Brenda decided to get to the bottom of this as she wanted to know if the woman was really Queenie. Though, in her mind, she already suspected that it was indeed Queenie who was in the photos and that the photos were taken two years ago. If only she had met Bonnie before, she wouldn’t have thought so.

Brenda didn’t notice the overuse of filters in the photos. All she thought was the woman looked really beautiful. She heaved a sigh. Ladies should respect themselves, and they should never walk down the wrong path. If these photos get out, it’s going to ruin her reputation.

She called Nigel, and as soon as the call connected, she could hear her son happily say, “Hey, Mom.”

“Come back home tonight, Nigel.”

“Sure. Queenie’s with me. I’ll bring her along.”

“Is she right beside you? Does she know I’m calling you?”

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Just answer my question.”

“No, she’s playing golf. She’s a bit far away.” He noticed Queenie swinging her club, and he gesticulated at her.

Queenie beamed at him and swung her club. Brenda continued, “Nigel, come home alone tonight. Don’t bring Queenie along. We need to talk.”

“What happened? Just tell me, Mom.”

“Can’t talk over a phone call. Just take her home and come back,” she ordered and hung up.

Nigel was flummoxed. Okay, Mom’s being stern. Something big must have happened, and Queenie’s involved. Does Mom have anything to complain about? I gotta find out.

Queenie made a good swing. Happily, she came back to Nigel. She was in white sports attire, and her hair was tied in a ponytail. She looked like a fresh graduate who was full of life. When she approached him, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Nigel held her and spun her around. He then kissed Queenie before putting her down.

Since there was a distance between them and the car, she purred, “Can you give me a ride on your back, Nigel?”

He would do anything just for her. And he had wanted to give her a piggyback ride even before she had asked for it.

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