My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448 Reunited

Brandon patted Maggie on the back to console her. “Don’t think about that. I’m sure our youngest daughter’s fine, wherever she is.”

All these years, Maggie had turned to spiritual beliefs to relieve her aching soul, yet no matter what she tried, she couldn’t come to terms with reality.

Just then, a maid came running over. “Mr. and Mrs. Silverstein, Miss Queenie is back! I just saw Mr. Manson’s car.”

“She’s back at last! I wonder what’s the important thing that she insisted on telling us about.”

“It could be about the engagement,” Maggie suggested. We should start planning Queenie’s wedding.

The Silverstein couple stood at the door and watched as Nigel’s car pulled into the driveway. Meanwhile, inside the car, Queenie turned to Jessie and said, “You get down first, Jessie.”

Jessie caught on to what Queenie was trying to do and smiled. “Okay.”

Jessie got out of the car and stared at the couple in front of her. She did her best to hold back all the emotions inside of her as she called out to them, “Mom. Dad.”

“Now, Queenie, why did you rush us to come back as soon as possible? Hurry up and tell us what’s going on. You’ve made us so anxious!” Maggie grumbled as she eyed her daughter in vexation.

“Hang on. Queenie, when did your hair get so long? When did you dye it black?” Brandon noticed the difference in her appearance.

Maggie realized the differences too and exclaimed, “How did your hair grow so fast? Also, why did you lose so much weight? Haven’t you been eating lately?”

Just then, the car opened on the other side. Queenie stepped out and called out, “Mom. Dad.”

Brandon and Maggie’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. They stared in disbelief at the two identical young women standing in front of them. At last, it was Maggie who suddenly grabbed Jessie by the hand. “What’s your name?”

Brandon came over as well. He was trembling with emotion as he stared at Jessie. Tears welled up inside his eyes as he deduced what was happening.

Queenie wanted to see how her parents would react to the news, but she didn’t expect them to be so overwhelmed. She came over and threw her arm around Jessie’s shoulders. “Mom. Dad, I found my little sister. We already did a DNA test. She is indeed my sister and your second daughter, Jessie.”

Maggie was so overwhelmed that she nearly fainted. She threw her arms around Jessie as she exclaimed with joy, “My daughter! My daughter’s back…”

Nigel came over and watched them with a smile. His eyes grew a little misty at the sight of the family of four being reunited at last.

“My dear child, you must have suffered a lot. Where have you been all these years? Did anyone mistreat you? Quick, tell me everything.” Throughout all these years, Maggie avoided reading news of child trafficking as her heart would break even at the mention of it.

Her greatest fear was that her daughter had been hurt and mistreated in the same way. Thus, now that her long-lost daughter had been found, she wanted to know how her life had been, and whether it had been filled with suffering.

Jessie’s eyes were red. She shook her head and assured Maggie, “I didn’t have to suffer at all. I grew up in an orphanage. Everything’s good in my life.”

Maggie was relieved to hear that. She couldn’t take her eyes off Jessie. The thought of the imposter pretending to be her daughter made her feel even more guilty and remorseful toward Jessie.

Brandon turned to Queenie and asked frantically, “Queenie, how did you find your sister? Tell us everything.”

Queenie reached out to usher her parents into the house. “Mom. Dad. Let’s talk inside. Jessie’s home now. She’s right here. She won’t leave us again.”

Once the family settled down in the living room, Queenie filled her parents in on everything that happened the past two days. Brandon and Maggie cried tears of joy as they couldn’t believe that fate had brought their daughter back to them so quickly.

“We have to thank Mr. Gilmore,” Maggie declared gratefully. “We need to take him out for a meal sometime. We owe a debt to him!”

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