My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443 Confirmation

“Is she the one who harassed you today, Jessie?” Julian suddenly turned around. Jessie was a little surprised. Is he trying to help me?

“What did you say to him? I never harassed you.” Mabel was miffed. She couldn’t believe Jessie would snitch on her. Now he’s going to think I’m evil. This is all her fault.

Jessie was scared. On the one hand, she had to face the lead actress of the set she was in, on the other, she had to answer Julian. This was a hard case to settle.

Julian saw through her, and he smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m here. Nobody can force you to lie.”

But she’s still giving me a killer look. I still have to work for her. If I get on her wrong side, it’d be bad for me.

“You don’t have to be a stuntwoman anymore. Come to my set. You can be the tritagonist.” Julian offered her a role right away.

Jessie’s mind was blank for a few moments. I am a tritagonist in Julian’s film? But that’s a role even the best celebrities have to compete for. Why did he give it to me just like that?

With envy in her eyes, Mabel shot Jessie a glare. At the same time, she quickly put on a smile and made a request. “Do you need any more actresses, Mr. Gilmore? May I have—”

Julian shot her an icy look. “Harass her again, and you will be kicked out of the industry.” That was a warning and threat.

Mabel clasped her mouth shut right away. What did I do wrong? Was it because I kicked that woman this morning? She thought Jessie must have slept with Julian. Why else did he help her? And he even gave her a role. It’s either they’ve been sleeping or nothing else.

Mabel bit her lip and scurried off with her assistant. Staying around would only invite Julian’s ire. She blamed Jessie again. Tomorrow I’ll sabotage the stunt wire. I hope she falls and breaks her leg.

Queenie was dealing with work on the phone. Just then, Nigel’s phone rang as well. He looked at it and picked it up. “Did you get the results?”

“Yes, sir,” the assistant answered.

“Did you get it?” Queenie ended her call and looked at Nigel with excitement in her eyes.

“Send it to me,” Nigel ordered. He received the results right after he hung up. Nigel looked at his phone and handed it to Queenie. “You open it.”

Queenie took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and said her prayer before she opened the file. She enlarged it and scrolled to the bottom. The moment she saw what it said, she covered her mouth, and tears streamed down her cheeks. And then she hugged Nigel. Hoarsely, she said, “We’re sisters. She’s my sister. I found my sister.”

Nigel was happy for her. He hugged her back and said, “Let’s tell Jessie the good news.”

Queenie thought this result was given, but it was still delightful to see the decision with her own eyes. It felt like she found a priceless treasure. The girl her parents had been looking for was finally found. This time, it was not a fake. Jessie was her actual sister.

Jessie and Julian entered a luxurious room. The moment the door was closed, she found herself alone with a handsome and charismatic man. Even breathing felt difficult in his presence. She couldn’t even muster the courage to start a conversation. In the end, she looked at his necklace and pointed at it. “Did you fix your necklace?”

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