My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442 The Audacity of this B*tch

Julian finally understood what she was talking about, which was a miracle. Ever since he debuted, he never ran into the dark side of the industry.

“Even if you weren’t my sister, I’d still help you and the orphanage,” Queenie said.

Jessie’s eyes lit up, and she held Queenie’s hand gratefully. “Really? You don’t have to help me, but it’d be great if you could help the kids.”

“Yes. I can donate a sum of money to the orphanage every year and tide them over.” Queenie nodded seriously.

The gentlemen exchanged a look. They had a feeling these women were real sisters. There was something similar about them; something kind and innocent.

“We should have dinner,” Julian suggested. It was already seven.

Jessie looked at the time and stood up. “I should be leaving now.”

Queenie stood up and held her hand. “Stay with us, Jessie.”

“I can’t. I’m not even sure if I’m your sister.” Jessie was taught never to take advantage of anyone. She really wanted to have dinner with Julian, but still, she wouldn’t exploit the situation.

“It doesn’t matter. We can still be friends,” Queenie answered adamantly. She liked Jessie, and she had a feeling Jessie was her sister.

“Come, Miss Landry. I’d like to talk about your role in my film,” Julian said.

Oh, more work? She happily nodded. “Sure.”

The four of them went down to the restaurant, and then Queenie’s phone rang. She looked at it. It’s from the company. She turned to glance at Julian. “You and Jessie go ahead. I need to take this call.”

“Sure. Nigel can accompany you. I’ll take Miss Landry inside.” Julian was more than happy to help. Jessie could be his friend’s sister-in-law, after all.

Queenie and Nigel went to another table, while Julian led Jessie to the restaurant.

At the same time, Mabel and her assistant came in from the other corridor. When Mable saw Julian, all she wanted to do was say hi, but when she saw Jessie beside him, her eyes went wide with shock. She couldn’t believe Jessie was chatting with Julian.

“Does she think she’s so hot that she can make him fall for her?” Mabel thought Jessie was trying to seduce Julian. Everyone in this industry who wanted to do that only had one goal: to get a role in any film that starred him.

Mabel might be a B-lister now, but she would still take any role in any film that starred Julian. And that lowly stuntwoman thinks she can get a role?

“You should say hi. This isn’t a chance you get every day,” the assistant gushed.

Mabel looked at her reflection in the wall made of glass. Good thing I reapplied my makeup before I came down. I still look good. She quickly went after Julian, though she would never be bold enough to hit on him. However, Jessie was around. She could pretend to say hi and approach Julian that way. “Jessie?” She called out to Jessie. “What a coincidence!”

Jessie turned around and saw Mabel and her assistant. She said, “Hi, Mabel. Here for dinner too?”

“Yeah, what are the odds, huh? Oh my god, Mr. Gilmore, you’re here too!” She stared at Julian with sparkling eyes. Now that she had reached her goal, there was no need to talk to Jessie anymore.

Julian had no idea who this woman was, but he thought he heard her voice before. She kicked Jessie today and made her bump her head.

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