My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441 Before the Results

Jessie nodded. She thought this woman felt familiar. No matter who she was, Jessie was willing to do the test.

A car was waiting for them outside. Queenie and Nigel led Jessie downstairs. Just as they stepped into the elevator, the two ladies stared at Queenie and Jessie. One of them asked curiously, “Are you twins? You look alike.”

Queenie and Jessie exchanged a smile. Yeah, we are. Even others think we’re twins. Nigel’s motorcade sped to the test center and managed to make the last session for the day.

Queenie was scared of having her blood drawn, but as she watched the needle being inserted into her skin, all she felt was delight and anticipation.

The same thing went for Jessie. She was staring at the woman beside her, hoping she was really her sister, though she didn’t hold her breath. But if she’s really my sister, then I’ll have a family. She knew luck seldom stood on her side though, and fate might not take her side that day. Until the results were out, everything was still uncertain.

After the blood extraction, Nigel told his assistant to stay around for the results while they returned to the hotel. They had to wait for three hours before the results would be out.

Queenie held Jessie’s hand throughout the entire journey back. Jessie followed them back to Julian’s room, and the first thing she saw was Julian in casual wear. It made her blush, and her heart thumped. That wasn’t her fault. She was in the bottom tier of the industry, and all she could do was look up to everyone. Not to mention Julian was the man of many young women’s dreams.

Queenie and Jessie sat down right in front of Julian. The latter stared at the ground, but she could feel someone staring at her, and she held Queenie’s hand tighter. Her cheeks were burning, and she felt them turning redder. Fortunately, the room’s lights managed to cover the sheen of red on her face.

Julian thought she looked clean and innocent with her ponytail, white T-shirt, and jeans. It was his first time seeing twins who looked so alike. Naturally, he kept looking at both of them, but he wouldn’t stare at his friend’s betrothed, so he rested his chin on the back of his hand and stared at Jessie.

She’s a stuntwoman, but she looks like a lead actress, and my senses tell me she will steal the show every time she shows up on camera. She’s slim and beautiful, and her face is perfect. “Have you always been a stuntwoman?” Julian asked curiously.

“Yes. Ever since I was eighteen.”

“You didn’t go to college?” Queenie looked at her gently. She wasn’t looking down on Jessie. She just felt for her.

Jessie shook her head. “I started working after high school. The orphanage needs a lot of money to run. They couldn’t pay for college, while I wanted to make some money fast.”

Everyone could feel the determination that Jessie was giving off. She might not have received tertiary education, but the fact she helped the orphanage out was worthy of praise.

A frown creased Julian’s forehead. “Has nobody ever asked you to play a role?” Based on her looks, it’s very likely that directors would offer her an acting role in a film.

Jessie pursed her lips. A moment of hesitation later, she nodded. “Someone did, but I refused.” She could still remember the day her director said she could get the role of a tritagonist. It was exciting news, but that night, the same director wanted to talk with her in a nightclub. She refused him. She would never sleep with anyone for any role. Hard work, she would endure. Immoral transactions, she wouldn’t.

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