My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440 The Meeting

The couple arrived at Julian’s suite, and Julian scanned Queenie from head to toe. “She looks just like you.”

“And when can she come?”

“She’s still at work, but I told her to meet me here. She should be here in a bit.”

Queenie wanted to look for Jessie herself, but since Jessie was working, she decided to wait.

The sun was setting, dragging out Jessie’s shadow behind her. Her hair billowed in the wind, and she found herself standing before the hotel. Nervously, she called Julian.

The moment Julian’s phone rang, he picked up his phone while saying, “She’s here, Queenie. My assistant will bring her to us.”


Julian then answered the call. “Are you here, Jessie?”

“Yes. Right outside the hotel. May I come in?”

“My assistant will show you the way.”

“Thank you.”

Julian hung up and called his assistant. The assistant was downstairs, and when she caught sight of Jessie, she hung up and walked toward her. “Come with me, Jessie.”

Jessie nodded and followed the assistant as fast as she could, feeling nervous. I’m about to meet Julian, the top guy in the industry. Every female celebrity would die to work with him. What’s more, he only shoots one piece of work per year, but all of his works become instant classics.

While she was in the elevator, Jessie looked at her reflection. She had taken a shower and changed into a new set of clothes before she came to see him. Work had got her all sweaty earlier.

The assistant knocked on the door, and someone opened it. Jessie thought it was Julian, but when she saw who it was, she froze. The woman who opened the door looked just like her. It felt like she was staring into a mirror.

Queenie heaved a sigh of relief the moment she saw Jessie. No need for the test. This is my real sister. “Come in, Miss Landry.” She gave Jessie a gentle smile.

“And you are…” Jessie blinked in disbelief.

“I’m Queenie. We should talk.”

Jessie noticed two men standing at the doorstep. One was Julian, and the other was an equally handsome young man. It made her nervous. What’s going on? Are they directors or investors or something?

Jessie entered the room anxiously. Queenie felt a little sad seeing her so fidgety, so she pointed at the sofa and said gently, “Sit. Let’s talk.”

It was when Jessie sat down that Queenie noticed the wound on her hand. She asked, “Are you hurt? Are you alright? Do you need a doctor?”

“I-I’m fine.” Jessie shook her head, surprised that this woman was so nice to her. Her eyes never left Queenie, and for some reason, she felt close to her. Who is this lady who looks just like me?

Queenie took a deep breath. “I believe I’ve said this, but I’m Queenie, and I have a twin sister, but she’s missing. My family and I have been looking for her, and I think you’re the one we’re looking for. Would you be open to a DNA test? For verification?”

Jessie’s eyes went wide with surprise. Does she have a twin sister? And then she was reminded of her own life. Ever since she was a child, the orphanage was the only home she knew. Like everyone there, she thought she was abandoned. Never did she expect her family to seek her out. “I-I’m open for the test.” She bit her lip. Even though she never met her family, not one day had passed when she never stopped thinking about them. Everyone in the orphanage wanted a family. She was no exception.

“Let’s go. There’s a test center right here in town. We can make it if we go right now.” Queenie held her hand. “Come.”

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