My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1439

Chapter 1439 On the Cusp

“Quiet. I don’t want anyone to find out, so lay low,” Jessie hissed.

Still, her friend gave her a tight hug. “You’re so lucky, Jessie. Julian called you? The Julian Gilmore? So, you have his number? You have to give it to me.”

“And will you call him even if I do?” Jessie smiled.

Lexie lowered her head sheepishly. “No.”

Jessie touched the back of her head. He actually was worried about me. She felt a little sweet about it.

“Your turn, Jessie. Come up.”

Oh, time to work. She quickly ran to the stunt wire. She was Mabel’s stuntwoman, and hanging in the air while swinging the prop sword around was dangerous.

Mabel was standing before the actor who was going to shoot his scene. She whispered, “Teach that stuntwoman a lesson.”

“Did she cross you, Mabel?”

“She’s a thorn in my side. What’s with the team? Are they penniless or what? She can’t even do stunts properly.” Mabel gnashed her teeth. Just looking at Jessie made her mad.

“Leave it to me.” The guy would do anything to please Mabel. He wanted to get more jobs.

The director shouted action and Jessie was pulled up into the air. She did a backflip and thrust her prop ahead.

The supporting actor was hanging in the air as well. He too shoved a blade at Jessie. It was supposed to be a feint, but the guy aimed for Jessie’s face.

She quickly pushed the prop away, but it had made a cut on her palm.

The director shouted, “Be careful!”

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry, Jessie. Get that bandaged later.” The apology meant nothing.

Jessie had to go on working with the injury. Her hand was still bleeding when she got off the stunt wire, and a medic came to bandage her wound. Jessie looked at Mabel. She was drinking a cup of coffee, giving her a smug look.

Jessie was furious, but she couldn’t do anything about it. The lead actors always had an air of superiority about them, and stunt doubles like her could do nothing about it. This wasn’t the first time she was treated badly, but all she could do was hold her anger and grievance in. She needed the job.

Meanwhile, a private jet had landed at the airport. A moment later, Queenie and Nigel emerged from the VIP passage, followed by four bodyguards and two assistants. A lot of people had their eyes on them. Some even thought they were a celebrity couple, but then they didn’t look like celebrities. To be exact, the two of them felt regal. The public figured that they were wealthy people.

The man was slender and handsome while his partner was slim, fair, and innocent. They looked better than any celebrity. They got in the car at the entrance of the airport, and Queenie took out the picture to look at it again. She was very much looking forward to meeting Jessie. Every time she looked at the photo, she would get a feeling that Jessie must be her missing sister.

Just then, someone texted Jessie’s details to Nigel. “Here are the details. You should take a look.” He whipped out an iPad and enlarged the file so Queenie could see everything.

“She grew up in an orphanage?” Queenie shouted. “Then, this settles it. She’s my sister. I’m sure she is.”

Nigel nodded. “And you’re going to meet her soon.”

Queenie went through all the details. Her age and height are the same as mine. She stared out the window, excitement filling her eyes. I’m finally meeting my real sister.

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