My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438 A Call from Julian

Jessie sat down and looked at her phone. All three calls had come from the same number. Whom can it be? She made the call while gulping down some water. I’m thirsty. And then the call went through. She asked, “Hi, may I know who you are?” She took another big swig of water.

A calm, sexy voice said, “Hi, it’s Julian Gilmore.”

Jessie spat out all her water. Never in her wildest imagination did she expect Julian to give her a call.

“Is something the matter?” Julian asked curiously.

“N-Nothing. Do you need anything?” Jessie was almost stammering, but then a shrill voice spoke.

“Hey, you got your water all over Miss Cotton’s dress. Watch it!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” Jessie covered her phone and apologized to Mabel.

But Mabel did not look happy at all. She already disliked Jessie in the first place, and now, everyone was saying that she looked better than Mabel. Mabel had long been trying to find an excuse to sabotage her, and a perfect one just landed on her lap. “Get some tissues and wipe it off, Jessie,” she ordered.

Jessie put her phone down, crouched down, and quickly wiped the patch off with some tissues. “I’m sorry, Miss Cotton. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just careless.” She kept apologizing as she wiped Mabel’s dress off.

All of a sudden, Mabel kicked her in the chest, and Jessie fell back down. Her head hit the desk, and a thud followed. Even with the helmet on, the pain still made her pale.

Julian heard the sound of the knock as well. Her gasp didn’t escape him either.

“She said sorry. Why did you kick her?” Lexie came to her friend’s defense. She hated all things injustice.

“She did something wrong, so of course, she has to be punished. Don’t you see? She sullied my dress. This piece of trash sullied my dress. And this dress costs tens of thousands of dollars. Getting off with a kick is merciful.” Mabel sneered and left the scene.

“Are you alright, Jessie?” Mabel quickly asked.

“Ow, ow, ow…” The pain only started to register there and then, but she remembered that the call was still on. Quickly, she picked it up. Oh, he’s still there. She asked, “Hey, are you still there?”

“Yes. Did someone harass you?” he asked. There was concern in his voice.

This happened because I took this call. She put on a tough act and answered, “I’m fine. Do you need anything?”

“We need a stuntwoman. Can you come over this afternoon?”

“Sure. I have time,” she answered right away. She welcomed all stunt jobs.

“Meet me at the hotel this afternoon.” Then, he hung up.

But Jessie was still in a daze. That was one big surprise. Julian called me himself and gave me a role. But how did he get my number?

“Who was that? Did you get a new job?” Lexie looked at her curiously.

“Yeah, and guess who hired me?” Jessie asked happily.

“Who?” Lexie blinked.

Jessie beckoned her friend to come closer. “Come closer.”

When Lexie huddled closer, Jessie whispered, “That was Julian. He said his team needs a stuntwoman.”

Lexie shrieked, “JU—”

But Jessie covered her friend’s mouth at light speed. She’s going to shout out his name and I can’t have that happening.

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