My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437 Quite a Lot of DNA Tests

Julian was having breakfast in a restaurant alone, but he gave Nigel and Queenie a video call.

“Hi, Julian. Did something happen?” Nigel asked curiously. Just now, Julian had texted them to take his video call.

“I met a fan earlier. She looks just like Queenie. I think she might be her sister.”

“Really? How much does she resemble me?” Queenie was excited.

“Let’s put it this way. I thought I was looking at you when I saw her for the first time. She’s about your age and height, and her name is Jessie Landry. She’s a stuntwoman.”

“We should go, Nigel. I’d like to see Miss Landry myself,” Queenie suggested.

“Sure, let’s take a flight there this afternoon.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Julian nodded.

“Can you contact her?”

“Sure thing. My assistant will do it right now.”

“Okay, we’ll be coming over today.”

At Averna.

The video call had ended, and Queenie was hugging Nigel in excitement. “If Julian thought he was looking at me, then Miss Landry might really be my sister. I need to see her.”

“I’ll tell them to prepare the plane. We can also take the opportunity to tour the place, but let’s pack up first.”

“Sure.” Queenie nodded. She couldn’t wait to see this woman. Same age, same height, and the same face. Excitement welled up within her. She would love to have found her sister before her parents came back. That would ease the pain they had felt for so long.

Jessie and Lexie were in a van going up an uneven path. It was a bumpy ride, and they were spacing out. They were on their way up the mountain to shoot a scene, but the trip alone would take two hours. The film set was at a really high level above the sea.

All Jessie could think of was what happened earlier in the morning. She was a veteran in this industry. She had met tons of celebrities, but it was rare to be able to meet someone at the apex of this industry. That was why the meeting shook her, especially when he invited her out for breakfast. She couldn’t understand why he did that.

“We’re here. It’s going to be a rough day for you. You’re still injured.”

“Don’t say that out loud. I don’t want the director to give me a day off.” She needed this job. Work was hard, but the money was good.

Back at the hotel, Julian was looking at the photo of Jessie. His assistant had gotten him her details. Even though this was the second time he saw her face, it still shocked him. She looks just like Queenie. Perhaps she is her sister. He snapped a photo of Jessie and sent it to Nigel.

Nigel and Queenie were already at the airport. Nigel was stunned for a moment when he saw the photo as well. Oh my god, she looks just like Queenie. “I got the photo, Queenie.” He quickly handed the phone over to her.

One look at the photo, and Queenie started tearing up. “She’s my sister. What do you think?”

Nigel nodded. Bonnie’s face looked fake, but this one was the real deal. He thought she must be Queenie’s real sister. “We’ll know once we meet her and run a DNA test,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jessie had just come off the stunt wire. Before she could even catch a breath, Lexie quickly handed Jessie her phone. “You have three missed calls, Jessie.”

“Who is it from?” a surprised Jessie asked.

“No idea. I heard the ringtone, but the caller hung up before I could pick it up. You should call them back.” Lexie turned a fan on to cool Jessie down.

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