My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Fans Can Be Stupid

“She thinks Julian’s going to fall for her because she’s pretty. Yeah, right. She’s ugly as f*ck. Dream on.”

The fans kept staring at Jessie. Even though they called her ugly, they still were jealous of her looks. Dammit. Didn’t see it last night, but this girl’s hotter than some celebs.

It stoked their flames of envy, and they only felt enmity toward Jessie.

All the mockery was getting on Jessie’s nerves. She turned around to face the stupid fans and explained, “This is a misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Keep saying that.”

“I bet you think you’re really pretty.”

“I don’t.” A frown creased Jessie’s forehead.

“Julian doesn’t care. He’s just going to think you’re disgusting even if you want to sleep with him.”

“Hey, can you stop with the insults? Do you guys lose all your intelligence when you keep up with your idol’s life?” Jessie started arguing.

“Hey, you hugged him first, and you expect us not to fight you? What the f*ck?”

“And why do you have to fight me? Just keep up with your favorite idol and leave me alone.” God, they’re infuriating.

“No. You touch him, you… Oh my god, he’s here!” The fans noticed Julian coming out. Even though he had bodyguards around him, they still saw him.

Everyone stopped arguing with Jessie and tried to get the best spot to see their idol. Jessie was excited as well, but for a different reason. She whipped out the necklace and held it tight in her hand, and then she approached him.

It’s still early and there aren’t many fans around. I can get close.

“You’re so hot, Julian!”

“Take care of yourself! Don’t overwork!”

“Good luck at work today, Julian!”

The girls who argued with Jessie earlier started fangirling over their idol. They kept smiling at Julian.

But then someone approached Julian once more, much to their chagrin. This woman again? How many times does she have to do this?

Jessie was running too fast. She didn’t see the step and tripped over it, causing her to fall forward. She held someone’s leg out of instinct as she screamed, and then she bumped into his crotch.

The fans almost screamed in horror. This idiot did something even worse today! She sullied the one place she shouldn’t! Die, you creep! Die! The fans wanted nothing but blood.

Once again, the bodyguard failed at his job, and he complained silently. I can’t believe someone would go that far.

Jessie’s ears were buzzing from the crash. When she snapped out of it, she noticed that she had just crashed into Julian’s crotch. She quickly knelt on one knee and showed him the necklace. Her face was red, and she stammered loudly, “This is your necklace. I pulled it off by accident last night. Here, take it back!”

Julian was annoyed by her behavior as well. That hurt. But when he saw the necklace in her hand, he froze for a few moments. Eventually, he picked it up in disgust and told the bodyguard, “What are you waiting for?”

The bodyguards wouldn’t let this fan hurt their employer again. They held her up by the arms and dragged her away.

“I’m sorry, Julian. I didn’t mean it, but the clasp was loose. You’d better get that fixed.”

Julian didn’t take a good look at her the night before, but now he turned around. She was annoying, but he still thought he should see who she was because of what she said.

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