My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434 Crazy Fans

“Oh my god. You just hugged him. What does he smell like?” Lexie happily pulled her friend away from the crowd. The raving fans were leaving the spot as well.

Jessie took Lexie to a quiet spot and held up the necklace. “I got this from him by accident. I have no idea what to do with it.” “Whoa. How did you do that?”

“I have no idea. I don’t want him to think I stole it, though. I didn’t mean it.” She looked at the clasp and was surprised to see that it was loose. No wonder he felt nothing when I pulled it off him.

“Alright, calm down. We’ll just wait for him to come to us. Maybe we’ll get to meet him up close and personal,” Lexie gushed.

Jessie heaved a sigh. She was in a dilemma. Not once did she ever steal in her life, but now she had a necklace that belonged to someone else in her hands.

Julian had just come back to his room. Working non-stop for days had taken a toll on him. He decided to take a shower and get some sleep. Julian took his shirt off, revealing a perfectly sculpted body. He looked fine no matter what kind of shirt he wore. The guy had a perfect body.

But Mr. Greek-God-Body felt something was missing. He touched his neck and realized his prized necklace was gone. His mother gave it to him before she died, and that was a priceless piece of treasure to him. And now it’s gone? He was reminded of the fan who hugged him earlier. Could it be her?

Fury filled his eyes, and he quickly called his assistant. “I lost my necklace. Check the fan who hugged me just now.”

“The one your mother gave you?”

“Yes.” Julian seldom got angry, but now he was livid. That fan stole his necklace. It was a breach of privacy, and moreover, that was his mother’s gift. He would never let anyone touch it.

Back in her hotel, Jessie found herself in a dilemma. How should I give this back to him? Should I really wait until he calls the cops on me?

That’s embarrassing. I should just give this back to him. I didn’t mean to take it. It was just a reflex when the bodyguards were pulling me. What am I supposed to do? She closed her eyes. I need this job. The orphanage needs my money. The resources they get aren’t enough to support them.

Madam Yancy’s not getting any younger. I can’t lose this job. I’m making the most money out of the guys in my batch. They’re proud of me, and I can’t let them down. She blinked and decided to do something risky. I’m going to wait for him at the hotel tomorrow morning and give it back to him as well as apologize.

It was a sleepless night for Jessie. She woke up at six thirty in the morning and left with nothing but a backpack.

Wiley Hotel was the best five-star hotel in town. A lot of actors would stay here during work. Jessie just wanted to try her luck and see if Julian would come out early. Not long after she got to the place, she noticed a few fans staking the hotel out. Man, I am impressed. I’d rather sleep than meet the guy, but this is something I have to do.

Right after Jessie picked a spot to stand, someone mocked, “Hey, that’s the idiot who hugged Julian last night.”

“Yeah. What a sl*t. She needs to look in the mirror. I can’t believe she tainted Julian.”

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