My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 Bump

Just one look is good enough. Lexie might be chubby, but she could run, especially when she could meet her idol. Jessie had no choice but to get dragged along with her friend. Just then, three black off-road vehicles showed up around the corner. One look, and they knew someone important must be in these cars.

An excited Lexie gasped. “Whoa, that’s Julian’s car!” Jessie stared at the cars, but their tinted windows stopped them from seeing who was inside.

Lexie dragged Jessie forward once more. She might be in a hurry to see her idol, but she wouldn’t leave her friend behind. And just like that, Jessie found herself jostling among a horde of raving fans. Their shouts were deafening. Lexie managed to squeeze herself forward, but just when she was about to get in the lead, some of the female fans shouted at her.

“Hey, stop pushing me!” a girl roared. “I didn’t push you!” Lexie turned around and snorted. “This is our spot! You can’t take it!” “Sorry, sorry,” Jessie apologized.

But Lexie couldn’t care less. This was the best spot to meet Julian, and she would never back off. Thanks to her size, she managed to secure the best place and even pushed her friend forward.

Jessie felt embarrassed, but then the fans started roaring once more. The man of their dreams had made his appearance. He was in a black shirt and a pair of black pants, and his face was covered with a mask. Even though they could only see his eyes, the fans knew it was Julian.

“Oh my god, he’s hot!”

The fans’ screams almost blew the roof off.

Julian looked at his fans and waved at them. Just as he was about to head into the hotel, a commotion broke out. Lexie was tussling with three girls, and it caused a little scene.

Jessie had her back turned to Lexie. During the tussle, Lexie’s butt bumped into Jessie, and the momentum sent Jessie staggering forward. She let out a gasp and fell uncontrollably toward Julian.

Not even the bodyguards could stop her in time. Julian found himself crashing into a girl. She quickly wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest.

Silence fell over the crowd for a moment, but the fans quickly snapped out of it and cursed Jessie. How dare she hold our idol? That’s an insult to him! She sullied him!

Lexie covered her mouth in shock. Whoa. I did this? Did I push my friend into Julian’s embrace? God, I want to hold Julian so much.

Jessie was shocked as well. Her face was buried in his shirt, and all she could smell was the scent of Julian. She actually took a deep breath, but then someone said coldly, “Take her away.”

Julian spoke to his bodyguards, and they held her shoulder, pulling her off of Julian. She felt something wrapping itself around her hand. Feels like a chain.

The moment she was pulled away, Lexie dragged her back into the crowd. Jessie stared down and saw a necklace hanging from her wrist, much to her surprise. Is this his? “Hey, Julian. A second!” she shouted after him.

But Julian was already gone from everyone’s sights. Only his bodyguards remained.

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