My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432 Lexie’s Favorite Actor

All of the roles where Jessie had been the stunt double received widespread acclaim from fans. They all said that even her silhouette was ethereal and goddess-like. Many of the actresses who played the lead role would specifically ask for her to be their stunt double as well.

Jessie took the bottle of water that the crew member held out to her and ducked under the shade to drink it. The weight of the heavy, veiled hat and many layers of costume made her exhausted.

Just then, an assistant came over and said to her, “Jessie, that’s Miss Mabel’s costume. You better be careful, or you’ll have to pay for ruining it.”

Jessie quickly lifted the hefty skirt and carried it in her arms before nodding. “Don’t worry! I’ll be careful.”

Seeing how easy it was to bully Jessie, the assistant added, “If Miss Mabel isn’t pleased with the result, you’ll have to shoot the scene again.”

Jessie nodded. “Yes, I got it.”

The film crew’s catering for their tea break arrived, and a plump young woman snatched two portions before running over to Jessie. “Here, Jessie. I got one for you.”

Jessie was starving by now. She was requested to start filming before she even finished her lunch, so she was pleased to have a snack to tide her over.

Although it was only a slice of cake and a carton of milk, it was still enough to keep her stomach sated.

“Jessie, did you hear the news? The award-winning actor, Julian Gilmore is filming somewhere near here! Oh, gosh! I’m so excited. I have a feeling I’ll get to meet him.”

Jessie’s eyes lit up as well. “Really? Are you sure?”

“I heard Mabel and her staff talking about it. She’s even more excited than we are, and I’m pretty sure her sources are reliable.” The plump young woman was Lexie Lopez who did odd jobs for the film crew and was good friends with Jessie.

Jessie was the only one on set who didn’t bully Lexie. In fact, Jessie often took care of Lexie, which was why Lexie would help Jessie out whenever she could.

“Jessie, you’ve been the stunt double for the female lead so many times now. Why haven’t you joined a filming project with Julian Gilmore? You might even get to act out scenes with him!” Lexie remarked.

Jessie smiled. “I wish I could too, but it’s not that easy to join a project with an award-winning actor like him. Projects that hire him probably wouldn’t be interested in an average stunt double like me.”

“I heard that he’s filming a historical drama too. Oh, my. I’ll get the chance to see him in a dashing, valiant role again! I’ve been looking forward to it for so long now!” Lexie exclaimed with a look of infatuation.

There were a few more scenes that required the stunt wire later that afternoon. Once everything was over, Jessie went back to a tent alone and rolled up her white T-shirt. She took out the ointment she prepared and skillfully rubbed it onto her skin. There were faint splotches of bruising along her waist that were a result of wearing the stunt wire.

Jessie dozed off during the ride back to the hotel. The van had arrived back at the hotel by the time she opened her eyes again. It was a three-star hotel, and she shared a room with Lexie.

After dinner, Lexie grabbed Jessie enthusiastically. “Jessie, Julian Gilmore’s car is here! Hurry up. It’s just outside the five-star hotel opposite us. Maybe we’ll get to see him!”

“His fans would’ve already formed a human barricade around him by now. What makes you think we can squeeze past them?” All Jessie wanted to do was rest.

“Well, we might get lucky. Come on! Come with me! Please, my dearest Jessie.” Lexie tried to coax Jessie into coming with her. She didn’t think it would be as fun if she went alone.

Jessie couldn’t put up a fight against Lexie, so she had no choice but to drag her weary body out the door. The two women crossed the road to head to the hotel opposite them. Along the way, they saw hordes of screaming fans rushing over as they cried, “Julian Gilmore! My love!”

After being in the industry for so long, Jessie knew very well just how frenzied fans could get. Julian had won the award for best actor for four years in a row now. He was the most renowned male celebrity by far, and thus, his fans were even more passionate than others.

“Look at the crowd, Lexie. We won’t get to see him!” Jessie would much rather go back to the room to sleep, but as a huge fan of Julian, Lexie was not going to give up the opportunity to see her celebrity crush so easily.

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