My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1431

Chapter 1431 Jessie Landry

Freedom was something that Nina would no longer have. She could see the beautiful cityscape just beyond the entrance, and even this was a luxury for her now. Nina didn’t want to leave, but the police officer dragged her back to her cell.

After walking out of the detention center, Queenie received a call from Nigel. He had made the arrangements with a prominent media outlet and they were going to give Queenie a segment in their program. When the time came, they were going to broadcast her search for her sister across all their channels. Queenie didn’t discuss this with her parents as she didn’t want to disrupt them during their trip.

However, she was determined to do this now, and she was even more confident it would work since she had Nigel’s help.

If my sister’s still alive, she’ll definitely come across my search for her. Queenie left the detention center and drove to the media company. At a well-known filming location.

On the plateau of a mountain, a film crew was hard at work under the blazing sun. They were filming a historical drama and the burning sun at summer’s noon was setting everyone’s tempers alight as well. A loud voice roared across the open space, “Where’s the stunt double? Is she in place yet? Where’s she? Hurry up and take your place!”

Just then, a slender young woman wearing heavy layers of historical costume ran out from a nearby tent. “I’m here! I’m here.”

“Hurry up! What’s taking you so long? Everyone else is ready. We’re all waiting on you.” One of the grips was scowling. It was true that they had only just finished setting up the scene, but how dare the leading lady’s stunt double loaf around?

“Yes, I’m coming.” The young woman in a veiled hat was running across the slope dressed up in the main female character’s attire. At the same time, the actress playing the main role was standing under an umbrella nearby and sneering at the young woman with an obvious look of derision in her eyes.

How dare they show me so little respect? Why did they choose a stunt double that’s even prettier than me? Are they trying to insult my appearance? The young woman looked captivating as she ran across the field dressed up as the leading lady.

“Are you sure she’ll do a good job? I’m known for my fairy-like presence, and this character is supposed to be beautiful too. She better not ruin the scene,” Mabel Cotton, the actress, grumbled.

“Yes, of course. Don’t worry, Miss Cotton. That stunt double’s been in this line of work for five or six years now. She does a great job no matter what the role requires. She can help you do all kinds of stunts, regardless of how dangerous it is.”

“Where did you find her?” Mabel asked as she secretly rolled her eyes.

“She’s a professional stunt double that’s signed exclusively to our parent company and she has a lot of experience.”

“In that case, let’s just see what she can do with the character,” Mabel huffed with greater annoyance.

Meanwhile, the young woman who was just hooked up to the stunt wire took a deep breath as she calmly allowed the wire to carry her up above the trees. She could enjoy the breathtaking view in front of her as she hovered up in the air. This was why she loved being a stunt double. It’s hard to find a view quite like this elsewhere!

“Are you ready?” the assistant director called out to her.

She held out an okay sign with her hand, and as soon as the director called out “Action!”, she leaped in the air and twirled around beautifully twice before soaring down with her sword. Her costume fluttered in the breeze.

“Excellent. You did a fine job. Let’s go again,” the director called out.

Soon, the crew started shooting the young woman’s scene again. Mabel came over and watched the shooting herself. Although the young woman was only her stunt double and she would be the one on-screen once the drama was broadcasted, she still felt disgruntled.

She went over to the director and gave a few suggestions. As she had joined the project with the support of some of the drama’s backers, the director was willing to listen to her.

Therefore, thanks to Mabel’s suggestions, the young woman who was supposed to get off the stunt wire by now had to spend another ten minutes dangling in the air. She even had to do an incredibly difficult flip mid-air before she was allowed to come back down.

By the time she could take off the harness, the young woman’s legs had turned into jelly and she was so dizzy that she had to hold onto one of the film crew members to keep herself steady.

“Jessie! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m just a little dizzy.”

“You should take a break now!”

Her name was Jessie Landry. She was a 23-year-old woman who worked as a stunt double. Although she was a little young, she had been in this line of work for many years now and was one of the more experienced stunt doubles in the industry.

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