My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1429

Chapter 1429 Nina’s Regrets

There was no way for Queenie to avoid the kiss. Therefore, she allowed herself to enjoy the spellbinding kiss as the last rays of sunlight slowly faded out of the dimming room.

Love overwhelmed the senses. Her heart thumped wildly. A feast was laid out for dinner at Manson Residence. Jonathan and Brenda showered Queenie with affection as they welcomed her with open arms, and even the household staff all knew that the young guest they had today was Nigel’s soon-to-be wife.

Once it was time to leave, Brenda saw them off and a maid came over with a gift box in hand. “Queenie, it’s your first time here and I didn’t get to prepare much, but I would like you to have this.”

Queenie was startled by Brenda’s generosity. She could tell that it was a set of jewelry, so she quickly tried to decline. “This is too much, Mrs. Manson. I can’t accept it.”

“It’s not much at all. We’re going to be family soon.” Brenda’s words were full of implications.

Queenie stared at her in a daze for a few seconds before blushing shyly, but she didn’t continue turning Brenda down. “Thank you, Mrs. Manson.”

Nigel drove them back to his place. Once they were home, Queenie opened the box, and sure enough, she saw a set of gorgeous jewelry that looked very expensive inside.

“It suits you,” Nigel complimented with a smile. His mother had good taste.

However, Queenie was even more touched by Brenda’s words earlier. It meant that Brenda approved of her.

“Let’s arrange for our parents to meet once your parents come back from their trip.” Nigel couldn’t wait to marry Queenie.

Queenie nodded and snuggled close to him as she shared her innermost thoughts. “Nigel, I want to find my younger sister, no matter what it takes. I hope she can come back.”

“Alright. I’ll help you. I’ll use everything at my disposal to help you,” Nigel promised as he stroked her hair.

“I thought of a good way to find her. I’ll go on the news and use my face to look for her. Anyone who looks like me and is the same age as me can contact me.” Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Queenie asked herself.

Previously, her parents used photos of her sister when she was young to look for her, but after the whole debacle with Nina, Queenie realized that the method she thought of was the best one.

She also decided to visit Nina at the detention center tomorrow to clarify her suspicions. Would Lisbeth have anything to do with my sister’s disappearance back then? Would Nina know anything about my sister after working with Lisbeth for a year?

At the detention center.

Nina kept rolling around on the hard floor. She had only been in here for two days, but she was already on the verge of a breakdown. Her body was aching all over as she had slept on nothing but the finest mattresses for an entire year.

Tears of regret streamed down her cheeks, but it was too late for regrets.

After all the interrogation she had gone through, she found out how much she had cheated out of the Silversteins. Every single figure terrified her. She never would’ve imagined that she spent over a million on just clothes and bags alone. She recalled what it had been like when she first arrived at the house. Brandon and Maggie spared no expense as they tried to give her everything they could. Because of that, she took leave of her senses and began to spend lavishly to fulfill all of her worldly desires.

She didn’t hold back at all. After staying in the same house with the Silversteins, all sorts of thoughts began to form in her mind. She couldn’t stand seeing Queenie, who grew up in a loving home. She thought that since she had gained the Silverstein couple’s favor, she could toy with Queenie for amusement. As it was, that gave her a different kind of satisfaction that was even more rewarding.

She started stealing everything that belonged to Queenie, including her fiancé, and she felt an immense feeling of accomplishment when she saw the way Queenie had to suffer through all sorts of grievances but was still too afraid to expose her.

However, at the time, Nina never thought that she would one day fly too close to the sun and have everything come crashing down on her. At last, she understood what Lisbeth had been telling her all along. Lisbeth told her to just be satisfied with being the Silversteins’ daughter and live out a life of luxury. Lisbeth disapproved of the way Nina kept trying to hurt Queenie as she probably didn’t want to hurt the Silversteins.

If there was such a thing as a time machine, Nina would leap at the chance to turn back time and return to the moment a year ago when she first arrived at the Silverstein Residence. She would be satisfied being the Silversteins’ youngest daughter, taking the allowance they gave her, and basking in their love. She would get along with Queenie and use her status as the Silversteins’ daughter to marry a wealthy husband. Her life would have been perfect.

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