My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 Meeting Nigel’s Parents

“Let’s go in.” Nigel took Queenie by the hand and led her over to the living room. Queenie started to feel shy and a lot more nervous. She was worried that the Mansons wouldn’t approve of her.

Brenda and her husband, Jonathan Manson, were waiting in the living room. Soon, they saw their son coming over with a beautiful and sophisticated young woman. Brenda was satisfied just from her first impression alone as Queenie lived up to her expectations when it came to the way she presented herself.

Jonathan was also pleased with Queenie. Now that Nigel was getting older, Jonathan didn’t expect much anymore. His only requirement was for his daughter-in-law to be someone his son genuinely liked.

Nigel approached Brenda and placed an arm around her shoulders with a smile. “Mom, this is Queenie.”

Queenie was shy, but even so, she maintained her composure as she greeted the elegant-looking couple in front of her. “Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Manson. My name is Queenie.”

“It’s our pleasure to meet you, Queenie. Nigel has told us all about you. Come, make yourself at home,” Jonathan said kindly.

“That’s right. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you!” Brenda said as she came over to take Queenie by the hand. “Let’s sit down and talk.”

Nigel stayed right beside Queenie the whole time. His parents noticed the way he looked at her and realized just how much he cared about her. Look at that gentle look in his eyes, they thought to themselves. The last time they had seen that look was when Nigel had feelings for Anastasia. It had been two years since then, and they had never seen Nigel looking at any other woman that way, until now.

They were certain that Nigel was truly in love with Queenie.

Brenda started asking Queenie about her interests and hobbies. Queenie had always been a mature and well-mannered person who excelled in her studies. Brenda could tell that she wasn’t a vapid and materialistic young woman. In fact, her eyes were bright and clear, and her smile was genuine.

Queenie’s personality was a little similar to Anastasia’s, and Brenda grew even fonder of her. She believed that such young women would be blessed in their lives.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to show Queenie around.” Nigel brought Queenie upstairs.

“She’s a nice girl,” Brenda said to Jonathan.

“Well, you better not disapprove of her, or Nigel might really end up without a wife,” Jonathan warned.

Brenda knew that she had been rather selective when it came to her son’s future wife. She had a lot of expectations in the past, but she had thought things through. Now, the only thing she asked was for the woman to be the one her son liked.

Queenie went up to Nigel’s room. Ever since he moved out, he would only stay here occasionally.

However, the room was still kept the way it had always been since he was a child. It was full of his things, including photos, trophies, and items from his various hobbies.

Queenie had a blast looking at all of Nigel’s photos. He was handsome even as a young boy and had remained so throughout the years.

But he looked so mischievous as a child! He even had some baby fat! How I wish I could pinch his cheeks!

“I wish I could go back in time to when you were little and pinch your cheeks,” Queenie teased as she turned around and tip-toed to cup his face.

Nigel held her by the waist and pulled her close. “How about this instead? Let’s hurry up and have a child, and then you can pinch the baby’s chubby cheeks as much as you want. What do you think?”

Queenie blinked and immediately made a run for it, but Nigel wasn’t about to let her escape. He grabbed her arm and pressed her up against the wall, using his height to cage her in.

“Do you think you can escape from me when you’re in my territory?” Nigel’s eyes gleamed suggestively as he stared at her.

Queenie’s heart trembled and her body grew numb. I guess women always like it when men act like bad boys.

“What do you want then?” Queenie raised her eyebrows and looked him straight in the eye defiantly.

Nigel brushed his hand against her cheeks. His eyes fell upon her lips. “What do you think?”

Queenie bit her lip nervously. Unbeknownst to her, that action was enough to send any man over the edge. Nigel swooped in and sealed her lips with his.

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