My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427 Let’s Just Get Married Then

“It’s too late. You’ll have to answer to the law for everything you’ve done.” Maggie turned around and eyed Lisbeth coldly.

By now, Lisbeth regretted what she had done with every fiber of her being, but she could only spend the rest of her life behind bars. She would no longer be able to fulfill her dream of seeing her son get married and start his own family. She would not be there to receive him when he got out of prison, and his debts had not been repaid yet. She would still be spending the rest of her time worrying herself sick over him.

Three days later. Brandon and Maggie were going on a trip to take their mind off things. The whole ordeal had taken a toll on them. It would take a while before Nina was sentenced, but they were in no rush. They were more than willing to let law enforcement take their time to investigate. All they wanted was to ensure that Nina paid for every single crime she committed.

The Silversteins hired the best lawyers that money could buy. Both Lisbeth and Nina were going to pay heavy prices for their actions.

At the airport.

Brandon addressed Nigel. “Nigel, we’re leaving Queenie in your care. We might be gone for quite a while.”

“Have a good time, Mr. Silverstein. You can leave Queenie to me. I’ll take good care of her,” Nigel promised with a nod.

The couple were a lot more reassured now and left on their trip with easy hearts. After seeing them off, Queenie leaned against Nigel’s shoulder and asked, “Where are we going now?”

“Let’s have dinner at my parents’ house tonight. My parents can’t wait to meet you. We’ll arrange for another meeting with your parents when they come home,” Nigel said as he placed his arm around her shoulders.

Queenie stopped avoiding the inevitable. She nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll go home with you.”

Once they got back to the car, Queenie’s phone started ringing. She looked at the number on the screen and vaguely recalled that it belonged to Leslie, so she decided to answer the call. “Hello?”

“Queenie, I heard about what happened with your family. Is Bonnie… No, I mean, is Nina Lindsay really an imposter?” Leslie asked.

“Yes. She’s an imposter, and she used to be an escort. Leslie, for the sake of your health, I think you should do a check-up just to be safe.”

Leslie was silent for a few seconds before saying, “You’re right. I will. I never thought she’d be an imposter.”

“Anyway, I’m with my boyfriend now. Don’t call me again,” Queenie declared outright.

“You and Nigel are dating?”

“Actually, we’re about to get engaged,” Queenie said.

“Congratulations. I don’t deserve you, Queenie. I hope you can forgive me for all the ways I’ve hurt you in the past.”

“I don’t wish to dwell on the past.” Queenie ended the call. She wanted to forget all of the unsavory memories of the past year and only remember the good things.

The evening sky dazzled with the beauty of the setting sun, and as Queenie took it all in, she turned to look at the man who was driving. Even though she went through a period of life that seemed like a nightmare, her future was bright and full of hope.

Nigel called his mother. As his phone was connected to the car’s sound system, Queenie could hear their conversation.

“Hey, Nigel. When are you bringing Queenie over to the house for dinner?”

“I’m bringing her over tonight, Mom.”

“Really? Well, hurry up and ask her what she likes to eat. I’ll start preparing the dishes now.”

Queenie blushed and called out, “I’m not picky, Mrs. Manson. I like eating everything.”

“Queenie! We’re looking forward to having you join us tonight. We’ll be waiting!” Brenda’s tone softened.

“Okay! Nigel and I are on our way,” Queenie said with a smile.

Once the call ended, Nigel turned to Queenie. “What will you do if my parents start urging us to get married as soon as possible?”

“Let’s just get married then. Is there another option?” Queenie smirked. “Or do you not feel like marrying me?”

“I want to! Let’s get married right away!” Nigel was even more receptive to the idea.

The streetlights slowly started turning on, and soon, the entire city lit up. Manson Residence was situated north of the city. It was a sprawling compound with a large mansion in the middle that looked grand and rather intimidating.

This was Queenie’s first time at Nigel’s family home. She was secretly stunned by just how wealthy the family was. Although she knew he came from a very prominent, well-established family, she never knew the true extent of the Mansons’ wealth. It was far beyond anything she thought. No wonder there are so many girls going after him.

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