My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426 Confrontation

Nina’s eyes flickered over to Queenie. As she stood there beside her parents and Nigel, it was almost as if she had a halo that cast a glow around her. She shone in such a way that perfectly contrasted against Nina’s vile, contemptible self.

Nina knew that she and Queenie’s lives had diverged to the extreme now. One had a glorious life in front of her, while the other was destined to remain in the gutter.

The police car drove off with Nina sandwiched between two police officers in the back seat. She was covered in designer clothing and had an expensive necklace around her neck, but all of that seemed to be a mockery now.

Her finery was a farce. Everything seemed to be jeering at her current predicament. She struggled against the cuffs, but the metal hurt as it pinched her skin. In the end, she closed her eyes in despair.

Back at Silverstein Residence, all traces of Nina had been removed from the house. The room she used had been emptied and ridden of all her possessions. Even the walls had been repainted. Thanks to Nina, Queenie had spent the past year avoiding this house and longing for a means of escape, but now, all she wanted to do was accompany her parents through this bleak period of their lives.

The family continued to worry about the missing daughter, and Queenie dearly wished that her real sister could return to them. She was willing to give all of the family’s wealth over to her real sister.

But where is she now? Will I ever get to see her again?

At the police station.

Nina was immediately ordered to change into a set of prison uniforms before the police read out a list of all her crimes throughout the past year.

As Nina walked down the corridor, she spotted Lisbeth who was inside a different holding cell and she rushed over in fury before hollering, “Look at what you did to me, Lisbeth! It’s all your fault!”

Lisbeth was just as enraged. She believed that it was all Nina’s doing. Nina was already the Silversteins’ daughter and could’ve spent the rest of her life in luxury, but she ended up being in this state because she had been too greedy and kept challenging Queenie.

“Move along!” the police officer barked at Nina.

However, Nina continued to grip the bars tightly as she glared at Lisbeth. “You ruined my perfect life.”

Lisbeth had long since given up, and thus, she was able to accept the future calmly. She closed her eyes and ignored Nina.

Nina started shaking with anger. She banged on the bars and screamed, “Say something, Lisbeth! Why aren’t you saying anything? What did you tell me back then?”

“Nina, I was wrong to have chosen you. I never thought you had such insatiable greed. It wasn’t enough for you to just be the Silversteins’ youngest daughter. You had to keep trying to get more and more for yourself. You brought everything on yourself!” Lisbeth snorted.

Nina was infuriated but Lisbeth didn’t bother to entertain her any longer. After Nina was dragged away by the police, Lisbeth was brought out of the cell. Someone had asked to see her.

Lisbeth couldn’t figure out who it was, but when she saw Maggie sitting on the other side of the divider, she instantly dropped her head in shame.

“Lisbeth, in all our years of friendship, I have never done anything to offend you. I have always treated you as a friend, yet you did such a despicable thing to me. You know very well the pain I feel because of my second daughter. How could you use her identity to steal money from me?” Maggie’s eyes were full of pain and resentment as she glared daggers at Lisbeth.

Lisbeth kept her head bowed as she sighed. “You can blame it on fate, and me, as well. I wasn’t as blessed as you. You married a good husband who loves you so much. I don’t have a good husband or a good son. I was jealous of you, and I wanted to repay my son’s debts.”

Tears spilled out of Maggie’s eyes. “Haven’t I been good enough to you?”

“I know what I did was wrong. I regret it too, but I had no other choice. My son owed too much money. I had to repay the debt for him. If I didn’t, the people he owed the money to would kill him once he got out.” Lisbeth closed her eyes as tears streamed down her face.

Maggie opened her mouth to speak, but in the end, she got up to leave without saying anything.

“I’m sorry, Mags,” Lisbeth cried out in a pained voice as she buried her face in her palms. “I hurt you, your family, and your daughter. Can you please forgive me?”

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