My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424 Greeted at the Airport

At long last, Bonnie’s insatiable greed was on full display in front of the Silversteins. Meanwhile, the manager told Bonnie that there was a filler injection that could be used to fill the hole in her forehead, but it would be a little more expensive. Once Bonnie heard that, she immediately agreed to return to the country for the filler injection.

She was also in a rush to head home to book her new house. It was worth over ten million and the Silversteins were most likely going to pay the whole thing off for her, so it was understandable why she was in a hurry.

Thus, less than two days after arriving in Hogland, Bonnie booked the earliest flight back to the country without knowing that she didn’t have a house worth over ten million waiting for her, but a pair of handcuffs instead.

At Silverstein Residence. Everyone in the family was of one mind now. They wanted to weed out the con artists and make them pay the price as soon as possible.

Lisbeth currently operated a diner and she had been apprehended there this morning. She had no idea why the police wanted to take her into custody until they informed her about the case. When she found out, she crumpled to the ground in fear. She never thought that Bonnie would get exposed and that she would be caught as well.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was dreaming on the plane. She dreamt about her life in that huge house. When the time came, she could cast aside the Silversteins and be free to live her life of luxury without anyone else’s interference. Plus, she would one day inherit half of the Silversteins’ family fortune and become at least 400 million richer. That was more money than she could ever spend in this lifetime.

Furthermore, her future husband would surely be extremely wealthy too. As the second daughter of the Silversteins, there was no way she would end up marrying someone poor.

Bonnie saw the young women sitting near her showing off their bags, so she purposely took out the bag she just bought at the airport earlier, which was one of the latest models on the market. The group of young women immediately gave her looks of envy.

Their reactions bolstered Bonnie’s vanity to the fullest. She checked the landing time and smiled smugly as she thought about the house she would be getting tomorrow.

Back in the country, the police were already in place at the airport. The Silversteins were at the airport as well. They couldn’t wait to see Bonnie being apprehended by the police. Their hatred toward her ran too deep.

At the airport.

As soon as Bonnie got off the plane at about 7.00PM, she immediately gave Brandon a call as she was afraid that he would put the house under Queenie’s name instead.

“Yes, Bonnie?” Brandon answered the call.

“I just got off the plane, Dad. I’ll get a cab to take me home right now.”

“We came to the airport to pick you up, Bonnie. We’ll go home together.”

Bonnie was surprised. She didn’t think that the Silversteins would come and pick her up themselves. “Really? Where are you, Dad?” she exclaimed excitedly.

“We’re waiting at the arrival gate. Come on out!”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.” Bonnie started hurrying out with her suitcase in tow. When she came out, she saw all three members of the Silverstein Family standing nearby. She didn’t expect Queenie to be here too, and that soured her mood a little. Why is she here?

As Queenie took in the sight of the fake Bonnie dragging her suitcase over with a delighted expression, she had the urge to choke that woman herself. The family had come to the airport so that it would be convenient for them to work with the police to take the fake Bonnie into custody.

Bonnie had no idea what was about to happen as the police were dressed in plain clothes and were hidden among the crowd. Bonnie let go of her suitcase and rushed over to Brandon and Maggie to greet them warmly. “Mom, Dad.”

Maggie raised her hand and slapped Bonnie as soon as Bonnie was in front of her. Bonnie was dumbstruck. She stared at Maggie in disbelief. “Mom… why did you…”

“How dare you call me Mom, you shameless imposter? Who gave you the audacity to pretend to be my daughter, you shameless b*tch?” Maggie, who never cursed, was so furious today that she started cursing. She was trembling with rage, and Queenie stepped forward to hold her steady. “She’ll get what’s coming for her, Mom.”

“You’re not our daughter. You’re going to pay for what you’ve done.” Brandon was pale with anger as well as he glared at Bonnie with a cold, hostile expression.

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