My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423 Counter Plan

“I know who did this. Lisbeth. She’s the one behind this,” Maggie hissed. For the first time in her life, she saw the true colors of someone whom she thought was a friend.

Brandon nodded. “I think so too. She was there the whole time when we did the first test. She was also the one who suggested the idea to us. I bet she must have gotten hold of Queenie’s DNA sample and bribed the test center. That’s how she fooled us.”

Tears of regret welled up in Maggie’s eyes. “I can’t believe it. She was my best friend. I even helped her when life got rough for her. How could she do this to me?”

Queenie gnashed her teeth furiously as well. To Queenie, Lisbeth was Maggie’s childhood friend and best friend. Maggie didn’t have many friends, what with her being a full-time housewife, but Lisbeth was always around. You never know what someone’s really thinking. I thought she was a friend, but she’s nothing but a liar and a scammer.

Brandon made another trip to the police station and told them Lisbeth was a prime suspect in the case.

The Silversteins lost sleep that night. Fury kept Queenie up. She wondered how the fake Bonnie dared to steal Leslie and tried to ruin her relationship with Nigel. She’s just a fake! Queenie would love to see her pay the price. The price was clear, and jail awaited the fake Bonnie. She would be charged under every crime possible, and Queenie would make sure she was punished. I will make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail.

Agony kept Maggie awake. Her real daughter might still be suffering out there, or she might be dead. That thought alone tormented her. For a moment, she wanted to take her own life and be with her lost daughter.

Brandon was in pain as well, but he would never give up on finding his real daughter as long as he was alive. Not a single stone would be left unturned.

On the other hand, Bonnie had a good night’s sleep—one of her last few days of good night’s sleep. She woke up and sought out her manager the next morning. The manager she found was a famous one. The doctor whom she introduced to Bonnie worked for many celebrities before, so Bonnie trusted her.

It wasn’t a big surgery, however. All she had to do was fix the cave-in on her forehead. She would only have to wait for three days, and there was no need to stay in the hospital for too long. But that afternoon, she received a call from Brandon. “Hey, Dad.”

“You should come back, Bonnie.”

“Why, Dad?”

“Your mother and I talked to the real estate agent, and the house you want is selling fast. We need to put it under your name, but since you aren’t around, we’ll put it under Queenie’s name for the moment.”

“What? I’m coming back soon, Dad. Can you give me a few days? Just a few more days.”

“It’s selling really fast. Come back soon, or you’re going to miss it. Why don’t we just put it under Queenie’s name first? You’re sisters anyway. She can just change the homeowner’s name later.” Brandon said that on purpose.

“No, no. Let me talk to my friend. I’ll come back as soon as possible. Just give me a minute.” And Bonnie took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Panic and anxiety arose within Bonnie. I can’t let them put that house under Queenie’s name. I’d lose the right to sell it. I must have it under my name.

Brandon asked one police officer to act as the real estate agent. The officer texted Bonnie, asking her about her estimated time of arrival. He also told her the unit was selling fast. ‘I have three potential customers waiting in line.’

Bonnie took the bait once more. ‘I’m getting the flight ticket back home right now. Keep that slot open for me.’

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