My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1422

Chapter 1422 Suspicion

Furthermore, holding a couple’s feelings for their lost daughter hostage was an incredibly immoral thing to do. The cops would investigate right away.

Bonnie had landed in Hogland and disembarked from the plane. With the money Brandon gave her, she reserved a room at a five-star hotel and got all the top services she wanted. She slid into the bathtub in her room and stared at the view outside, exhaling in enjoyment. I love being rich.

Now that she was abroad and not under the Silversteins’ control, she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders. Even the air tasted like freedom. She could do whatever she wanted and not worry about money—the only thing she cared about. Eventually, she sat down on the sofa and reluctantly called Maggie. She had promised to contact her right after she reached the hotel.

Unbeknownst to her, things had changed back home. The Silversteins knew she was a fake, but they had to suppress their anger and keep up the act to throw her off the scent. Otherwise, Bonnie might escape from their grasp.

Maggie glanced at the phone and exchanged a look with her husband. She nodded and picked it up. “Hey, Bonnie. Have you landed?”

“Safe and sound, Mom. I’m at the hotel. Don’t worry about me.”

“I see. Be careful there.”

“I will. You sound hoarse, Mom.”

“Oh, I’m down with the flu and just took some pills.” Maggie pretended to be sick just in case Bonnie got suspicious.

“Take care, Mom. And Dad too. Don’t worry about me.” Bonnie was still acting as if she cared.

Maggie was about to yell at her, but Brandon took over. “Call us if you need anything, alright?”

Bonnie purred like a cat. “Dad, things are really expensive here. I need more money.”

“Sure. Just call me when you need more money. I’ll give you anything you need,” Brandon lied.

“Okay. I’ll call you when I run out of money, then.” Bonnie was delighted. Free ATM. The best thing in the world. One word, and I can get tens of thousands of dollars. “And Dad, I’ve made my choice. I’m going for the house we saw last time. Let’s buy it once I come back.”

“Sure. We’ll talk when you return.” Brandon was balling his fists. You stole my daughter’s identity and scammed us out of our money. Damn you.

Brandon was getting unstable after the call, and Queenie quickly sat down beside him. “Calm down, Dad. She’ll pay the price soon.”

“I’m sorry for what we did. We neglected you.” Brandon couldn’t believe he neglected his real daughter for a fake.

“I’m fine, Dad. Good thing we saw through her.” She couldn’t imagine what would have happened if Bonnie had stayed in her lane and acted the role of a good daughter. They would never have found her out.

To be honest, she had Nigel to thank. Because of her love for him, she was enraged after finding out what Bonnie tried to do. Only then did she discover the scar. What’s more, the scar seems recent. She must have come to us straight after her surgery. Damn her.

But damn the mastermind the most. They must be a close friend who knows everything about us. They know when the real Bonnie went missing and where on her body the birthmark is. They also got their hands on a strand of my hair and duped everyone with the first DNA test, including Dad and Mom. But who?

Maggie had a similar line of thought as Queenie, but she also had a suspect—Lisbeth. She was her best friend, but she was also the one who introduced the fake Bonnie to them. She was also there when the first DNA test was done.

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