My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1421

Chapter 1421 Revealed

Queenie and Maggie arrived at the DNA test center. Bonnie’s hair and Maggie’s were given to the staff for the test, and the results would be available in three hours.

Maggie had calmed down and recalled how Bonnie had behaved over the last year. On closer inspection, she did seem fishy. For example, her avarice could never be satiated, and she showed no respect for them. It felt like she only came back for money and material. Love and family meant nothing to her. No matter how much she and Brandon loved her, they never managed to close the gap between them. If she was their daughter, she should feel close to them.

Brandon showed up eventually as well. He too was shocked to hear what happened. The possibility of Bonnie being a fake was almost unbelievable.

They had to wait until the results were out to determine their next step. Queenie even refused the lunch date with Nigel. Once he found out why, he wanted to come over as well.

Queenie stayed calm throughout the wait. She told her parents not to tell anyone about the results. If Bonnie was a fake, then someone must have pulled the strings for her to infiltrate the household, and that someone must be evil.

Brandon and Maggie agreed. They would never have expected this, but a friend of theirs had used their missing daughter as a means to scam them.

Three hours was a long wait, but eventually, the nurse came back from her lunch and approached them with the report. “Your report is out.”

Queenie rushed ahead and took the report, but she only read the last line. It said, ‘The probability of maternity is 0%.’

Fury overwhelmed her. She had had enough of Bonnie tormenting her over the last year. The girl my parents spoiled is nothing but a liar. “She’s not my sister. She’s a fake.”

Queenie showed her parents the report, and Maggie cried. “Who is she? Where is my daughter, then?” Blood rushed to her head and she almost fainted.

“Mom!” Queenie held her mother. At the same time, Nigel arrived.

Maggie held Queenie’s arm. “Where is your sister then? Where’s my poor girl?” She thought that her missing daughter had finally returned and that her family was reunited. Alas, not only was she still missing, but someone even stole her identity. Naturally, she was livid.

Nigel said, “We should go home and figure out a solution.”

Everyone returned to the Silverstein Residence. Maggie went back to her room to rest while Brandon took care of her.

Queenie was furious. That fake is going for another cosmetic surgery. I’m not letting her get away. If she finds out that we know, she might disguise herself as another person, and then it’ll be hard for us to capture her. “I am calling the cops right now, Nigel. We’re arresting her.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Brandon had returned to the first floor as well, still angry. “We’ll go together. This calls for a thorough investigation. I want to find out who the imposter is.”

“What about Mom?” a worried Queenie asked.

“Mrs. Longbottom is with her. She’s fine. She wants to know who the fake Bonnie is.” Brandon was on the verge of exploding with fury. Not only did she scam us out of our money, but she also used our concern for our missing daughter against us. Unforgivable.

“We’ll go together.” Queenie nodded.

Nigel accompanied them. Recording the testimony alone ran from three to six. It was a huge case, and the cops were serious about it. From what they were told, Nigel had provided a sum of over millions to Bonnie over the course of one year. This was a serious case of fraud.

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