My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420 Another DNA Test

Upon closer inspection, Queenie realized the scar was similar to the one she saw behind Bonnie’s ear. Even the position and length were identical. “Melina, just asking, but if someone has a scar behind their ear, does that mean they’ve undergone cosmetic surgery?”

“Did you see someone like that? As far as I’m concerned, anyone with this scar must have propped up their nose. The doctor needs a bit of bone to prop it up and having a little scar on the back of your ear won’t affect how you look. Cover it with your hair, and presto, you got a pretty nose and barely any scar to boot.”

Queenie was so shocked that her mind went blank for a few moments. Wait… This is unbelievable, but Bonnie might be a fake. “Let’s talk next time. I have something important to settle right now.” Queenie picked her bag up and dashed out of the coffee shop. She wanted to verify if Bonnie was her real sister. Her instincts told her she wasn’t.

So how did the first DNA test come out positive? What does Bonnie know? What is she hiding? Does she know who my real sister is? Is she stealing her identity? A multitude of questions raced through her head as she sped home.

At the same time, Bonnie was about to board her flight. She too was nervous. If anyone found out she underwent cosmetic surgery, they would know she was a fake. She had to leave as soon as possible.

Barely after Queenie parked her car, she ran into her house like a lightning bolt. Maggie was coming downstairs and was surprised to see her daughter coming in a hurry. “What happened, Queenie?”

“Where’s Bonnie? Where is she?”

“She left for Hogland this morning and wouldn’t stay no matter what we told her.”

Sh*t. She didn’t go to Hogland for a vacation. She went for another cosmetic surgery. Hogland’s famous for its cosmetic surgery industry. “There’s something I need to say, but you have to stay calm, Mom.” Queenie decided to tell her mother about her suspicion.

“What is it?” Maggie asked.

“She might be fake. Bonnie might be an identity thief. She underwent cosmetic surgery and assumed the real Bonnie’s place.”

“What did you say? And how can you be so sure of that, Queenie?” The news came as a bombshell for Maggie as well.

“When I got into a fight with her last night and pulled her hair, I saw a scar behind her ear. I thought it was a birthmark, but you never said she had a birthmark behind her ear. Today, I ran into my friend who underwent cosmetic surgery as well. She told me anyone with a scar behind their ear might have propped up their nose with a part of their bone. Bonnie has that scar. Don’t you think she looks really weird without makeup? Like her face is fake?” Queenie gnashed her teeth. “I know she’s not my real sister.”

Maggie gasped in shock. “What? She’s not Bonnie? She’s a fake?”

“Let’s go for another DNA test.”

“But she’s gone!”

“I pulled out a lot of her hair last night. It’s right in my room. Did the servant clean it up?”

“No. The cleaning lady didn’t come this morning,” Maggie said.

Delighted, Queenie said, “Then we have all we need for a DNA test. Let’s go.”

“Sure.” Maggie nodded. She too wanted to know the answer.

Queenie went upstairs and looked at the hair on the floor. She didn’t hold back the night before, and she was confident they could do a test with the available hair. The hair was all scooped up and tucked away in a Ziploc bag.

Maggie’s chest was heaving. If Bonnie were to be a fake, then it would mean they had mistreated Queenie for a whole year.

At the same time, the plane Bonnie was in had taken flight. Little did she know, her real identity would be revealed soon.

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