My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 Beginning of the End

“Get some sleep and put this behind you. You have me.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her head.

That calmed her down a little. She was still confused about her future, but his assurance gave her strength and direction.

Queenie woke up at ten the following day. She ran into a servant cleaning the corridor the moment she emerged from the room.

Happily, the servant greeted, “Good morning, Miss Queenie.”

“Mrs. Lowman!” Queenie was surprised to find Courtney here. So, she got a job here.

“Yeah. I came here three days ago. Nigel gave me a good offer. Thank you, Miss Queenie.”

No. This is all my fault. Bonnie slandered you. We owe you this much.

“Oh, I made your favorite chicken soup. You should have some.”

“Sure.” Queenie nodded. “I can take it myself.”

Queenie went downstairs to have some chicken soup. Nigel had gone to work, but they agreed to eat out during lunch. He wanted to take her around town.

While she was having her soup, Queenie was reminded of what she saw the night before. She noticed a scar behind Bonnie’s ear. But Mom and Dad never told me I have a birthmark behind my ear. The only birthmark I have is on my back. I saw it myself, but neither of them told me I have it on my back.

She rested for a bit after breakfast and left the house to get some makeup products. Ladies’ essentials, so to speak.

Queenie was picking her lipstick when a woman called out to her. “Queenie!”

Surprised, she turned around and saw a vaguely familiar face staring back at her.

The woman noticed her staring in confusion, and she gasped. “It’s me, Melina. Melina Worcester.”

Queenie’s eyes widened in surprise. “Melina? My gosh, you’ve changed a lot.”

“I know, right? You couldn’t even recognize me.” She laughed. Melina was still as straightforward as ever. The only thing that had changed was her face.

“Yeah. I couldn’t recognize you if you hadn’t told me your name,” Queenie said honestly. She was observing her friend in silence, and surprise grasped her. Melina’s nose used to be flat, but now it was aquiline. Even her lips had a perpetual smile tugging at them, and her face got sharper.

Melina whispered, “It’s obvious, but I underwent cosmetic surgery. It went well.”

Queenie nodded. “Yeah. You look great now.”

Melina and she were longtime friends. They were deskmates for a year back in high school, and they got along well. After that, they attended different colleges, and they never did get back in touch.

“There’s a coffee shop there. Let’s chat.” Melina dragged her to a coffee shop. She was nice to Queenie and kept asking her what she did for a living. She also asked how life treated her.

This was the first time Queenie saw the product of a cosmetic surgery up close and personal. After they sat down, she kept staring at her friend. Curiously, she asked, “So, what kind of surgery did you get?”

“Almost everything on the list. Damn, it’s torture.” She raised her chin. “See this scar here? And then she pointed at her mouth. “And this part got operated on too.” And then she remembered something, so she showed the back of her ear. “Took a bit of bone here to prop up my nose.”

When Queenie saw the scar on the back of Melina’s ear, her eyes went wide with shock. She shot up and approached her friend. “Can I have a closer look?”

“Sure. It might look small, but god, the surgery almost killed me.” Melina showed the scar to her.

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