My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418 Dark, Dark Heart

Now, they were useful chips for her plan. Lina’s call came a moment later. “Bonnie, why did you send me those photos?”

“They’re private pictures of my sister. She’s getting along with Nigel well. Don’t you want to break them up?” Bonnie smiled. Lina asked for confirmation. “Are you sure it’s her in these photos?”

“Doesn’t matter. I just want to help you. You want to marry Nigel, and I don’t want my sister to date him. I’m jealous of her.” “She’s your sister, Bonnie.”

“So? Just use the photos however you want to, Miss Perez. I’ll be looking forward to the day you marry Nigel.” Then, Bonnie hung up.

Lina was also in a bar at the same time. She felt conflicted about the photos, but one thing was for sure: these photos were helpful. There weren’t many single men left in the upper society. If she didn’t get herself married off soon enough, she would be left with no one to choose, and among the scarce single men that remained, Nigel was the best.

She might not get the chance to marry him even if she broke him and Queenie up, but as long as Queenie was his girlfriend, she would not have the chance to even get close to him. She had to chase off all the ladies around Nigel if she even wanted a chance.

After everything that happened, Bonnie decided to leave for Hogland as soon as possible. Her manager was making all the arrangements now anyway. Since there was tension between her and the Silversteins, staying around would only annoy them more, so she bought a ticket for the first flight the next morning.

Bonnie went back home to pack up. The Silverstein couple was still awake. They couldn’t understand why Bonnie was so different from her sister. This was beyond minor pranks. At the rate she was going, Bonnie would run into something she couldn’t settle soon.

“We need to whip her into shape, or she’s done for,” Maggie said. “I’m taking her to a psychologist.”

“Yeah. Time to step in,” Brandon agreed. He might have a successful career, but if his daughter was a failure of a human, then he wouldn’t have done his job as a father.

It was then they heard Bonnie coming home. They both stood up, and Bonnie was shocked to find them still awake.

“Dad, Mom? You’re still awake?” She averted her gaze nervously.

“Bonnie, we need to talk,” Brandon said.

“I have to leave first thing tomorrow morning. I need to pack up. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Bonnie was reluctant to listen to their lecture. Not like I’m their real daughter anyway. Sometimes, they even look at me weirdly, and their lectures are annoying.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes. I already bought a ticket too. I don’t want to annoy you, see. I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’ll change.” And then she went upstairs.

Brandon and Maggie wanted to talk, but Bonnie left without giving them a chance. They had no choice but to leave the talk for the next day.

It was late at night. Queenie was on the sofa in Nigel’s house, but she couldn’t sleep. What happened earlier upset her and made her feel embarrassed. With a sister like that, she couldn’t help but worry for her parents. They were getting on in age, and what Bonnie did was only going to make their health worse. Dad and Mom might have to settle everything from marriage to childbirth for her. Just the thought of that made her lose sleep.

Nigel was next to her. He too was furious over these events. Bonnie tried to sow misunderstanding and discord between him and Queenie, and she also hurt the Silversteins.

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