My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 Bonnie Never Changes

“It’s alright. We respect her decision. She’s been suffering for a while now. That’s a failure on our part. We’re counting on you now, Nigel,” Brandon said.

Maggie agreed as well. She would like for her daughter’s relationship with Nigel to be free of any misunderstanding. They could see how much Nigel loved Queenie, not to mention he was way better than Leslie. With a guy as great as him, they had no reason to disagree with her.

“I’m going to pack up now and leave tonight.” She went upstairs.

Nigel helped as well. A while later, he came back down with some suitcases.

Queenie consoled, “Dad, Mom, don’t worry too much about this. I’m going to stay away from her, though. I hope you’ll understand why.”

“All we wanted was to find her and give her a home. We never wanted this.” Tears welled up in Maggie’s eyes.

Queenie hugged her mother. “Mom, just keep an eye on her whenever you can. Don’t let her do anything stupid.”

“We’ll do our best.” Brandon thought they had to step in now. They would not let Bonnie rot any further.

Nigel and Queenie left, but the Silverstein couple was not able to sleep. They were worried about Bonnie.

Bonnie was driving around aimlessly, though she stopped by a bar in the end. Sh*t. What was I doing? I messed up. Now they know who I really am, but it’s too late for regrets.

Still, I can take the chance to go abroad and return after I undergo cosmetic surgery. Now, I’ll just lay low until I get half of the family fortune. I’ll break those two up when I have the chance. She was truly afraid of Nigel now. Out of all the men she met, he was the most special one. He was handsome, loyal, and rich. Not once had she met that kind of man before, and the only one she knew wanted to marry Queenie. She was jealous.

Why does she have everything? She’s the heir of the family and lady of the Manson household. She has such a good life. She also grew up surrounded by love.

Bonnie thought Queenie was the epitome of unfairness. Why can she live her life without any problems while I have to steal someone’s identity only to get a fraction of what she has?

Just the thought of watching Queenie marry Nigel and raise a family with him struck anger within her.

Bonnie used to work in places like this bar, so she was familiar with how the ladies here worked. That made her appreciate her current status more. She never wanted to return here and shake her booty just for a few dollars.

Just when she was about to leave, a drunkard stopped her. “Hey, don’t go. Why don’t you have a drink with me?”

Bonnie sneered. “You’re not worth my time.” She left before the man could react. She knew what she wanted. I will marry someone as brilliant as Nigel. No way I’m going to sleep with these losers.

All of a sudden, she was reminded of Lina. Now that Queenie and Nigel were lovey-dovey, she’d give them a wide berth. However, she could give those photos to Lina and let her use them however she wanted.

She got back into her car and picked some photos out for Lina. Only her face was in those photos, while the only part of the man that made it into the scenes was his arm or his back. The man was none other than Leslie. Bonnie had taken those pictures to commemorate the occasion.

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