My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416 Departure

Nigel gave her a look. He could see her determination to marry him. Maggie didn’t want to defend Bonnie anymore. All she felt now was heartache. She couldn’t believe Bonnie would be a homewrecker, and her heart went out to the suffering Queenie. Any woman would find her own sister’s betrayal unbearable. “Bonnie, apologize to Nigel and your sister,” Maggie said sternly.

Oh, sh*t. I just messed it up. Things are getting out of my control. She bit her lip, and tears fell down her cheeks, but still, she refused to apologize. “I did nothing wrong. Love isn’t wrong. She’s not the only one who’s allowed to love Nigel. I love him too.”

“Not everyone falls for your tricks, Bonnie. You think you can steal everything just because you took Leslie away?” Queenie sneered. The presence of Nigel alone made her feel safe.

Nigel looked at Queenie. It was then he decided that he would keep her safe for life.

He would never betray her, and she could confidently tell everyone nobody could steal him away from her.

But Bonnie thought otherwise. She said, “Too early to make that conclusion, sister. He might just fall for someone else, you know.”

Not even Maggie could stand that b*tchy attitude anymore, so she slapped Bonnie. “That’s enough!” Maggie despised homewreckers and troublemakers like Bonnie.

“Even you, Mom?” Bonnie stared at her mother in disbelief as she clutched her swollen cheek.

“She’s your sister. You will not ruin her relationship, not even if you’re our daughter.” Maggie would not allow anyone to ruin Queenie’s relationship.

“Fine. You hate me? I’ll leave. You never liked me anyway.” That was the only excuse she could find. Anything else would only make things worse for her.

Bonnie picked her bag up and left in a hurry. The Silverstein couple exchanged a look. Worried, they went down to talk to her.

Nigel stared at the agonizing Queenie and held her tight. Hoarsely, he apologized, “Sorry I didn’t realize she was the texter. I did this to you.”

“You did nothing wrong.” Queenie was delighted. He only fell for the trick because his love for her ran deep.

But Nigel still thought it was his fault. “This is my fault.”

“How did you get in anyway?”

“The wall.”

“Are you hurt?” She checked up on him.

“No. Don’t worry.” He shook his head. They then heard someone driving away.

Bonnie had probably left, but Queenie only cared about her parents as they were hurting the most. “I’m going to check on my parents.” Queenie led him downstairs.

The Silverstein couple was sitting on the sofa. They apologized to Nigel when they saw him. “This is an embarrassment. You shouldn’t have to go through this.”

“It’s alright. Queenie’s the victim here,” Nigel answered calmly. He didn’t mind getting duped, but he wouldn’t have it if Queenie was hurt.

Queenie was livid, but right now she felt for her parents. They must be disappointed in Bonnie. “Let her go. She needs time to calm down. Just ignore her for now. Also, I’ll be moving in with Nigel for the time being,” she said.

Her parents and Nigel were surprised. Nigel was delighted, of course, but he still had to stay calm in front of Queenie’s parents. “I think you should talk to your parents before making that decision.”

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