My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Confrontation

Tears welled up in Bonnie’s eyes once more. “Even you, Dad? I know I’m not as capable as Queenie. I know I can’t bring in any profit for the company. That’s why you don’t like me. I’m useless, I know.”

“T-That’s not what I meant.” Brandon was a little nervous. Queenie wished to slap her once more. Why does she have to make it hard on Dad? Dad already loves her enough. Does she want them to die for her before she’s happy?

Little did anyone know that someone had arrived at their residence. Nigel got out of his car and noticed that the lights in the house were still on. He also vaguely heard the sounds of an argument, and he frowned. Since he wanted to make it quick, he skipped ringing the doorbell and climbed over a wall that was eight feet tall.

The first floor’s door was locked, but he could enter through the second floor’s balcony. He climbed up the wall to avoid waking up the Silverstein couple and getting them to open the door, and he leaped into the balcony.

Before he could even go to the third floor, he heard someone ask angrily, “Tell me what you did at the hotel, or you’re leaving this place.”

Queenie. Nigel’s heart skipped a beat. I knew Bonnie would use this to get on her nerves.

“Why should I tell you? Just know that we made love,” Bonnie said with no shame at all.

Queenie was trembling with rage. “Why you…”

Brandon held her back. “Calm down, Queenie. Let’s talk this out.”

“We should ask Nigel to explain.” Maggie was worried Queenie might fall ill from getting too mad.

But then a ragged voice said, “I’ll explain, Queenie.”

A silhouette appeared on the third floor, much to everyone’s shock. Queenie stared at Nigel intently. All she wanted to know was if he had fallen for Bonnie’s tricks and slept with her.

Bonnie blanched and stood behind her mother nervously. Never did she expect Nigel to come so quickly. He must have heard everything.

“Oh, you’re here. Good. You can explain everything.” Brandon heaved a sigh of relief.

Nigel whipped his phone out and tossed it to Queenie. “All the answers you want, huh? It’s in there. Bonnie texted me with your phone, asking to meet up in the suite. I did go, but nothing happened.”

“How can you say that? You saw me half-naked,” Bonnie shot back defiantly.

Queenie glared at her. “And it’s still the same as seeing you fully clothed.”

Nigel’s face fell. Coldly, he said, “The whole room was dark, and I had my back turned to you. I didn’t even want to look at you.”

“But I hugged you. And you hugged me too.”

Nigel retorted, “No such thing. The moment I noticed the way you smelled, I pushed you away. You pretended to be Queenie and tried to sleep with me, and now you’re telling lies to everyone.”

Queenie had gone through all the texts, and it stoked her flames of fury. She never thought Bonnie would impersonate her. Any guy with a weaker will would have fallen for her. Leslie, for example. If I had married a man like that, I’d have lived my whole life in hell. “I can’t believe you’d do this, Bonnie. I don’t care whom you hook up with, but just not him. He’s your future brother-in-law!” Queenie hissed.

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