Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2100

Chapter 2100 The Collusion

When Joy and Zayden went back to the Seet Residence in the evening after the filming that day ended, they eagerly headed toward the mini amusement park in the back garden with Luke.

Their true motive in going to the back garden wasn’t to enjoy the rides there but to see whether the two guests previously living in the little wooden cabin had returned.

After playing at the amusement park for some time, the three children crept over to the little wooden cabin when the maids weren’t paying attention. They knocked on the door but received no response. Hence, they pushed open the door. When they saw the empty interior, they were visibly disappointed.

“There’s no one here. Are they not coming back anymore?” Zayden asked.

“I don’t know. Perhaps not,” Luke replied as he studied the place.

Sighing, Zayden started grumbling about their lack of manners. “No matter what, we brought them food for many days, so we’re considered friends. Yet, they didn’t even bother bidding us farewell before they left. It was really rude of them to just up and leave!”

“Perhaps they had something even more important and didn’t have the time to inform us? Also, they might be back in the future. Zayden, are you missing them that you’re so sad?”

“No, I’m just a tad worried about Max’s injuries. I wonder if he has recovered fully. Could they have fallen into the hands of those villains who were pursuing them?”

Luke and Joy couldn’t answer that question, but they could vaguely sense that there must be a complicated story behind the mystery of Max and the woman’s sudden appearance and disappearance.

Meanwhile, the siblings that the kids were so worried about were actually in a private room in a hotel at that very moment, eating while discussing something.

The person sitting across from them was also someone familiar to Joy and Zayden. It was Yuvan.

Yuvan exuded a cold aura threaded with an invisible sense of oppression, entirely different from his docile self on set earlier. His unfathomable and probing gaze was fixated on the siblings in front of him. “Well? Why did you want to see me?”

At that, the woman chuckled. “Yuvan, we previously agreed to collaborate and go up against the same adversary together. During this time, you’ve successfully approached the members of the Seet family, and we’ve also figured out a way to enter the Seet Residence freely. So, don’t you think we should discuss our next step?”

“My target is Evan Seet and Nicole Lane. It has nothing to do with the Seet Residence. What are you two planning to do to sneak into the Seet Residence?”

“You’re still too kind, Yuvan. Those living in the Seet Residence are Evan’s parents and brother. Before settling the score with him, you should strike at them first. That would be a fatal blow to him and cause him great devastation.”

The woman’s smiling countenance formed a stark contrast against Yuvan’s grave and chilly expression.

“You’re planning to eliminate the entire Seet family? What kind of grudge do you have against them exactly?” Surprise showed in Yuvan’s eyes.

The woman ignored his question, her gaze indecipherable. Picking up the red wine in front of her, she took a tiny sip before slowly putting the wine glass down again.

“Great wine! This is indeed superb wine!”

Yuvan’s profound eyes narrowed a fraction, and he felt that he truly couldn’t understand the siblings. A month ago, they approached him out of the blue and related his grudge against Nicole and Evan in its entirety.

At that time, he found it strange and asked them whether they investigated him and their purpose for doing so.

The woman then said, “There’s no need to panic. We’re also enemies of the Seet family. We sought you out to team up with you to deal with the Seet family and take our revenge together. What do you think?”

“Revenge? What kind of grudge do you have against the Seet family?” he inquired.

The woman merely enunciated, “My name is Yara. This is my brother, Max. Our grudge against the Seet family is so deep that it can’t be explained in a few words. All you need to do is answer whether you want to work with us.”

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