Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2099

Chapter 2099 Cutting His Scenes

The director team found it a pity for the entertainment industry to lose such a dazzling rising star, but since Nina had declined tactfully, they didn’t try persuading her further. Just then, a voice suddenly rang out from among the crowd.

“Since the daughter of Seet Group isn’t interested, can the director team nurture me instead? I love acting from the depths of my heart and would also like to become a big shot in the entertainment industry. If you train me, I’ll repay you all after making a name for myself in the industry. Besides, I’ll take whatever role you want me to act! How about that?”

The members of the director team swung their gazes at the man. After listening to him, they all lowered their heads and sighed. “What’s wrong? What kind of expression are you all wearing?”

One of them looked at him and asserted, “One has to have some self-awareness. Yuvan, your acting skills are only suited for you to hold a cameo role. You should know full well why you got to stay in the production team. If it weren’t for Mrs. Seet and the main investor, Ms. Muir, we would never have recruited you even if you were to pay us to do so, what with your acting skills!”

“Exactly! What on earth were you acting during the previous scene? Why are your acting skills oscillating between two extremes? You’re too unstable. It should have been a sad scene, but you started giggling every so often while you sobbed, making the character seem like a lunatic. If it weren’t for the editing later, your crying and laughing would be nonsensical. The audience would even think that the actor was crazy and that the director team and production team weren’t in their right minds!”

“Hear, hear! Yuvan, we discussed this matter earlier in the morning, and we decided to cut some of your cameo scenes. We hope you understand.”

Yuvan gaped at the director team with wide eyes. “Cut my scenes? Then, what about Joy and Zayden? The three of us are bound together. Even if I don’t mind you cutting my scenes, they won’t agree to it, will they? Besides, Zayden is the son of Ms. Muir, your main investor. She’s even planning to add her son’s scenes so that he can appear more on screen! Therefore, you can’t possibly cut the scenes.”

Seeing that he was scoundrelly using Zayden as a shield to prevent his scenes from being cut, the director team firmly proclaimed, “Yuvan, you don’t need to worry about that. The two children’s scenes will remain the same. We’re only cutting yours.”

At once, Yuvan was at a loss for words. He lowered his head and turned his gaze at Zayden and Joy, hoping that they would speak up for him.

Joy blinked her huge eyes. As though she didn’t understand his meaning, she said nothing at all, making no move to help him out.

Meanwhile, Zayden scratched his head. “How about you stay on set and do something else? You can run some errands and the like. I’ll convince my mommy to pay you the same salary. Is that okay?”

Puzzlement was written all over Yuvan’s face. “Zayden, you should be helping me out since we’re so familiar with each other. Why are you siding with them instead?”

“I’m not siding with them. I’m just helping my mommy. This is the first movie she invested in, so I can’t allow any problems to crop up. Please do me a favor and act a few scenes lesser, won’t you?”

Left with no other choice, Yuvan relented, “All right, then. The salary doesn’t really matter that much. I’ll stay on set and run errands and the like. While doing that, I’ll observe you all acting and learn from you. Just treat it as giving me a chance to learn, okay?”

Zayden nodded in agreement.

The director team was only concerned about the result of the filming, so they had no opinion as to whether Yuvan wanted to stay, leave, or do anything else as long as he didn’t act.

“Do as you please, then.”

After that, everyone went about their business. The moment Yuvan turned around, a dark glint flittered across his eyes, and a meaningful smile tugged at his lips.

Before filming the previous scene, he deliberately calculated the time and intentionally smiled every so often during filming to repudiate the director team because he needed more time to do something he wanted to do—execute his revenge.

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