Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2098

Chapter 2098 Investigate Davin Seet

“Is Mr. Muir under their control?” The two researchers hesitated before admitting, “We’re not sure about that. Should we ask around? Or perhaps you can give Mr. Muir a call and inquire about it?”

The corners of Bradley’s mouth lifted a fraction. If he’s really under their control, I definitely won’t be able to contact him. In order to seek confirmation, he made the call. Sure enough, it was a woman’s voice that drifted out of the other end of the phone.

Sheila used call forwarding, so all calls made to Patrick’s phone would be automatically redirected to her phone. “Hello. May I know who’s on the phone?”

Based on the age reflected by the woman’s voice, Bradley easily surmised that it was Patrick’s daughter. “Hello. I’d like to speak to Mr. Muir.”

“My father isn’t feeling well and needs rest, so just speak to me if there’s anything urgent.”

“Oh, I see. Well, there’s nothing urgent for the time being, so I’ll be leaving it at that for now.”

After hanging up the phone, he had someone check the remaining funds. “There’s still a hundred and thirty million available, Mr. Myers.”

A calculative gleam flashed across Bradley’s eyes. Most of the research was funded by Patrick, so the coffers of the second-biggest family in Y City had basically been emptied by him.

Despite so, the research still hadn’t yet succeeded. Hmm, who’ll be able to provide some funds for the development of a device to steal confidential information belonging to the Seet family, the Simpson family, and other families in Y City?

He schemed and plotted inwardly as he contemplated his next prey.

After mulling it over in his mind, he actually thought of a person, and it was a very special person at that.

Back then, he felt that the Muir family in Y City must feel resentful at times for constantly placing second in the business field with the Seet family outshining them.

Thus, he utilized that feeling of resentment besides the lure of great fame and the few misunderstandings he painstakingly created between the Muir and Seet families to successfully ignite the embers of resentment suppressed deep within Patrick. Then, he fanned the man’s desire to surpass the Seet family and become the most influential family in Y City.

Can I use the same method with this person now? If he can be driven by fame and fortune to be my pawn, my chances of victory will be much higher against the Seet family.

He dismissed the two researchers before making a call to his aide. “Investigate Davin Seet. I want all information about his past experiences and the resources he has in hand right now.”


Indeed, the person he thought of was Davin.

If Davin Seet becomes my pawn, then I’ll be using a member of the Seet family and the money of the Seet family to topple the Seet family! Just the mere thought of it is exhilarating! Davin, I’m pinning my hopes on you, so don’t disappoint me!

His lips curved into a devilish smile that seemed to conceal an unfathomable secret.

After Sheila arranged for Patrick to rest, she waited for Bradley to look for her while bustling about with the filming of her script.

Nina and Stephen acted as the female and male leads, respectively. The director team loved Nina and even asked her privately whether she wanted to switch careers. That aside, they even asserted that she could shoot to fame in the entertainment industry with her beauty and superb acting skills.

Smiling, Nina replied, “Thank you for the high regard, compliments, and kind words throughout this time. Regretfully, everyone has different aspirations, and mine doesn’t lay here. I only want to focus on my beauty and cosmetic business, hoping to create more brands loved by consumers from every walk of life.”

“Being an actress won’t affect that aspiration of yours. You can do both. While you act, you can also continue with your beauty and cosmetic business.”

“My energy is limited. I’m satisfied with doing one thing well in my life.”

That high-sounding statement was actually contrary to Nina’s true thoughts. In reality, she attached more importance to something else other than her beauty and cosmetic business—having an ardent love affair with Stephen.

At present, she was paying equal attention to the career she loved and her love life. She felt that it was already sufficient. If she were to become an actress, she would need to travel the globe, memorize her lines, and handle various things. It would affect her love life. That was the main reason she didn’t want to be an actress.

However, she was embarrassed to give voice to that reason.

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