Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2097

Chapter 2097 Bradley Myers

No sooner had Davin’s words rang out than the door to the research lab swung open, and two researchers walked out. They studied Davin and Sheila curiously, still having some impression of them from their visit back then.

“You’re Ms. Muir?” Sheila nodded in affirmation. “Yes, that’s right. Since you recognize me, why didn’t you open the door when I knocked earlier?”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Muir. The research lab is soundproof, and we were also too absorbed in our research just now, so we didn’t hear you knocking.”

It was more than clear that Sheila didn’t believe that nonsense, for she rolled her eyes at them. Nonetheless, she wasn’t in the mood to bicker about it.

She questioned bluntly, “How much money did my father invest the last time? And how much longer can it support your research?”

The two researchers exchanged a glance. Then, they said that it was a confidential matter, so they had no idea about finances since they were only responsible for conducting the research.

“Who knows, then?” Sheila demanded.

“Mr. Bradley Myers knows. This research is a collaboration between him and Mr. Muir, so he’s considered Mr. Muir’s business partner. As such, he knows about the finances as much as Mr. Muir does.”

Bradley Myers?

Sheila and Davin looked at each other, surprised that Patrick actually had a business partner. At the same time, they wondered whether they should meet with that business partner of Patrick’s.

Sheila turned to Davin and queried, “Should we go and meet with this Mr. Bradley Myers? How about we inform him about Dad’s current condition and that Dad won’t care about the research lab anymore in the future, telling him to figure out a way himself?”

Davin was silent for a moment before he answered, “No, there’s no need to look for him. He’ll seek Dad out when he needs funds. At that time, we’ll go and meet him.”

At that, Sheila indicated her agreement.

On their way back, Sheila suggested, “Let’s have the doctor tell Dad when we get back that he needs to rest, and that might extend his life for another two months. He’ll undoubtedly listen to the doctor. With that, we can take over the matters of the Muir family henceforth.”

Davin nodded, but in the next second, he stared at her worriedly. He voiced his concern about Patrick having another son other than Sheila and whether Andrew would agree to them handling his father’s matters.

“If they don’t agree, let them handle this mess, then. It’ll be less work for us, and once they’re sick of it, they’ll naturally hand everything back to us.”

Hearing that, Davin chortled. “Sure enough, you understand your family best.”

Conversely, Sheila sighed.

Andrew created a huge trouble for us last time. This time, he definitely can’t be allowed to play any tricks while Dad is ‘sick.’ For the sake of the Muir family, it’s better for us to take over directly. Besides, Dad isn’t really terminally ill. When this matter has been dealt with completely, we’ll return the management right of the Muir family to him. As for the division of the family assets in the future, Mom and Dad can decide that on their own.

Before leaving that night, the two researchers went to the most secluded room in the research lab and knocked on the door lightly. Subsequently, a charismatic and appealing voice rang out. “Come in.”

When they both entered the room, they were greeted by the sight of a man about fifty years old. His profound eyes were trained on a design blueprint on his computer screen unblinkingly, his expression solemn even as he muttered something to himself.

The man was none other than the “Mr. Bradley Myers” they mentioned earlier.

The two researchers exchanged a glance, but neither dared to speak and interrupt him.

About half an hour later, Bradley Myers lifted his head and looked at them both. “Is something the matter?”

“Mr. Muir’s daughter and son-in-law came over just now. They said it’ll be difficult for Mr. Muir to manage the research lab henceforth, seemingly implying that they’d be taking over the matters of the Muir family.”

Bradley frowned, his long and slender fingers tapping lightly on the exquisite mahogany tabletop.

He had long since heard of Patrick’s daughter and son-in-law.

His son-in-law is Davin Seet, Evan Seet’s brother, and a member of the Seet family. The initial plan was to wait until the research has succeeded before making the Seet family the first target of annexation, but it looks like we’ll have to deal with the Seet family in advance!

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