Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2096

Chapter 2096 Entry Denied

Davin and Sheila promptly left the Muir residence and headed straight for the research lab Patrick spent a fortune to establish.

After comforting the doleful Patrick, Layla went to the living room. Seeing no signs of them both, she asked a maid, “Where’s Sheila and Davin?”

“They left. There’s probably something urgent, for they both seemed to be in a hurry when they left,” the maid answered. Speechless, Layla heaved a sigh.

Now that things have come to this, what could be more important than the fact that Patrick is going to die soon? They’re really impertinent! Never mind, let’s not think about them anymore. I’ve got something more important to do!

She went upstairs to her bedroom and closed the door. Having done that, she started calculating her savings and the shares she secretly bought over the years.

“Half the shares of Iridescent Beauty Salon in the east is mine. Apart from that, I’ve got twenty percent of the shares of Mrs. Zimmer’s cosmetics company, thirty percent of the shares of Lizzy’s winery…”

She added everything, one by one.

At the moment, her livelihood was at stake. She wanted to calculate whether her savings and the shares she secretly invested were enough for her to spend her golden years peacefully if Patrick were gone.

Layla and Patrick used to be very much in love back then, but like many other couples, they failed to withstand the test of time and various unpleasant experiences. After walking through life hand in hand for decades, all that was left was a façade of a loving couple. Inwardly, they each had their own thoughts and plans. Nonetheless, they both attached great importance to appearances and shared the same sentiment of not airing their dirty laundry in public.

Meanwhile, Sheila and Davin rushed over to the research lab. Alas, they couldn’t gain entry into the place. They could only look on through the glass windows that were as hard as steel as the few researchers inside went about their business.

“Davin, how are we supposed to unlock this biometric lock?”

“We can’t unlock it since our fingerprints aren’t in the system. And even if we manage to do so, look, there’s a passcode lock over there that had been added some time or other. We can’t unlock the door either when we don’t have the password. Your father is really too cautious to have set up barrier after barrier. How afraid is he that others would know what exactly he’s researching that he’s so circumspect?”

“Good Lord! What’s with all your rambling? Hurry up and figure out a way to unlock the door!”

“How am I going to do that? The simplest way is to have someone inside open the door.”

Shooting him a sidelong glance, Sheila started hammering on the door.

“Open the door! Open up! I’ve got something important to tell you all! Open the door!”

Regretfully, there wasn’t any response.

No matter how hard she pounded on the door, the people inside turned a deaf ear to it. They went about their work as though they didn’t hear anything.

“They’re ignoring us, Davin! I’d been banging on the door for a while now, but they’re feigning ignorance. What should we do?” Sheila was downright anxious.

“Don’t bang on the door anymore. Let’s wait for them to come out instead. Don’t worry. It’s getting late now, so they’ll be going home in a while.”

Her face crumpling, Sheila sighed. In that case, we’ll just have to wait. There’s no better idea anyway.

As Davin gazed at the researchers bustling around in the research lab, a question suddenly popped into his mind.

“Previously, your father went to great lengths to get his hands on some money, claiming that the research couldn’t continue without the funds. However, they’re still working tirelessly. Did your father get some money through some other means and put them into the research?”

“That’s not quite possible, no? If he had some other way of obtaining money, he wouldn’t have had to sell the mansion in the Southern suburbs to you to raise funds.”

Davin’s brows furrowed. “Could it be that he invested the money I gave him to buy the mansion in the Southern suburbs back then?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Judging from his unwillingness to give up his research even when he’s dying soon, he must have poured all the money he had into it!”

“Well, that paltry amount probably can’t last for long. The research is going to be forced to a stop soon. Once that happens, these few researchers will lose their jobs and leave. So, we don’t need to rack our brains to persuade them anymore. When they’d left, your father’s lofty dream would screech to a halt!”

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