Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094 Is There Anything You Regret Doing

Daddy and Mommy went to the Muir residence? Sighing, Zayden hung his head low and lamented, “I bet it must have something to do with my grandfather again.”

“Let’s go and do our revision first. When Uncle Davin comes back, we’ll memorize all the rhymes and recite them back to him.” “Sure!”

With that, Zayden, Luke, and Joy trotted upstairs to their designated study room.

At that exact moment, Sheila and Davin were standing in Patrick’s bedroom. They studied him carefully, trying to ascertain whether his sentiments and thoughts had changed.

However, no matter how they scrutinized him, they couldn’t see anything other than his grief and resentment inherent to someone whose “days were numbered” and his reluctance to leave this world.

After deliberating for a while, Sheila went over to him and greeted, “Dad.” Then, she inquired about his condition.

In response, Patrick sighed incessantly, sorrowful and downcast. He even commented, “Previously, I’d always felt that there was a problem with my liver, spleen, and stomach. My entire body felt off. If I’d known that I’d developed such a grave illness, I would’ve gone to the doctor long ago. I wouldn’t have delayed things until there’s no hope anymore. It was all because of my ability to put up with the discomfort, taking everything onto myself…”

At the side, Davin furtively curled his lips. Good Lord! He’d always felt that there was a problem with his liver, spleen, and stomach? It seems that he has truly been frightened by that piece of fake “medical report.” In reality, you’re as healthy as a horse! Other than a deficiency of the kidney, everything is fine with you!

On the heels of that, Patrick earnestly said to Sheila, “Sheila, you must learn from my mistake. Don’t follow in my footsteps. If there’s any discomfort, you must go to the hospital and get yourself checked out timely. Never put up with it, for you’ll only end up losing your life!” After that, he heaved a long sigh before he went into a coughing fit again.

At the side, Davin frowned.

His sicky self is exactly like terminally-ill patients. Even I can’t help almost thinking that he’s sick. Verily, I’m on the verge of getting too into the game!

Beside him, Sheila wore an anguished expression as she tried her best to console Patrick.

Only after Davin nudged her gently and threw her a look did she remember her purpose in visiting him.

She reined in her emotions before venturing, “Dad, we’re all heartbroken about your condition. If… If you were given a new lease on life, how would you live it? Or is there anything you regret doing or vice versa?”

Patrick said nothing for a moment. Then, he admitted, “In my entire life, I regret not having spent time with your mother. I’ve wronged her. I devoted most of my energy and time to work. Speaking of that, if I hadn’t been conscientious and diligent, the Muir family wouldn’t have its glory today, and your mother might be leading an even more difficult life. Ah, such are humans! They want to have their cake and eat it too, but ultimately, they can’t have it both ways!”

Layla, who was listening at the side, was touched and turned away surreptitiously to wipe her tears.

Sheila continued asking, “Then, is there anything you regret doing, Dad? For instance, the research lab you set up recently. If you hadn’t set up a research lab and invested so much money and time into it, you would have had more time to keep Mom company. You could have traveled the globe with her, enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. Wouldn’t that be romantic!”

The “setting up a research lab” she spoke of referred to the instrument Patrick researched to steal other companies’ trade secrets.

Likewise, Davin stared at Patrick intently, eager to know how he was going to answer. If he were to say that he regretted participating in that research, it would prove that he had realized the error of his ways while on the brink of death.

Hence, there would also be a spark of hope of persuading him to give it up. After accomplishing that, they could then come clean about the “fake medical report.”

A while later, Patrick lamented, “Oh well, it’s too late to say anything now. There’s no way of changing the past, and I don’t have the time to finish what I left half-done. When one’s death is imminent, regrets are indeed inevitable!”

“Dad, were you referring to the research lab when you said there’s no way of changing the past? Do you regret it?”

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