Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2093

Chapter 2093 A Piece Of Human Skin

It was quiet in the little wooden cabin with nary a sound to be heard.

Finding it strange, Zayden, Luke, and Joy looked at each other. “Why isn’t anyone answering?”

Joy stretched out her hand and knocked on the door, but still, no one responded.

“Let’s go in for a look.”

The three children then pushed open the door to the little wooden cabin with all their might, only to find that it was empty inside.

Zayden scratched his head in puzzlement. “Huh? Where are they? Where did they go?”

“Could it be that they had left, vaulting over the walls again?” Luke postulated.

Out of the blue, Joy’s sharp eyes lit up. She pointed at something in the corner of the wall. “Quick, look at that!”

Luke and Zayden went over. As though picking up a treasure, Zayden bent over and picked up the object on the ground. When they had a good look at it, both of them were stupefied.

“Ahh!” With a shriek, Zayden flung the object away, wailing, “Oh, my God, what the hell is that?”

“What a coward!” Luke threw him a look. Subsequently, he picked up the object that had been tossed away. “It’s just a piece of human skin, no? Why are you so scared?”

“Is h-human skin not scary? Why w-would there be h-human skin here? A-And whose s-skin is this?” Zayden stammered. He covered his eyes with his pudgy hands, but he was actually studying the piece of human skin surreptitiously from between his fingers.

Joy also fixated her eyes upon it and scrutinized it. “Could it be theirs?”

“W-Why would they shed their skin? Or was it ripped off of them?” Zayden queried, his curiosity piqued.

Joy and Luke went silent.

They exchanged a glance, feeling very much perplexed as well.

“Perhaps… it’s not theirs.”

“Whose is it, then? There’s no one else here. Don’t tell me their enemy found them and skinned them before taking them away?”

“That’s impossible! If they were really skinned, they would have certainly resisted. Besides, look at the condition of this place. Other than this piece of human skin, everything else is neat and orderly, not at all messy. I don’t think anyone else came here.”

Joy agreed with Luke, seconding, “That makes sense. Let’s keep this piece of human skin for now and ask them about it when we see them next time.”

After saying that, she seemingly thought of something. “Oh yes, could this be artificial human skin? I heard from Maya that Daddy once used a human skin mask to conceal the fact that he was still alive. Could this also be part of a human skin mask?”

A human skin mask…

That possibility promptly sparked Luke and Zayden’s curiosity.

“Joy, are you saying that they have been using human skin masks?”

“I’m not sure whether they’ve been using human skin masks or not, but I think this likely belongs to them.”

Luke was silent for a moment before he remarked, “I, too, think that they aren’t that simple. Previously, we couldn’t figure out how they got in when the walls are so high, and now, not only are they gone, but we also found this piece of human skin. In my opinion, the entire matter, from their appearance to their disappearance, is a mystery!”

“Luke, are you suspecting that they’re up to no good?” Zayden was a blunt person, so he blurted out his thoughts straight away.

Luke then answered that he couldn’t say for sure whether that was the case. However, he insisted that they had to be more careful when meeting them next time and have them explain about the piece of human skin and how they got in.

“Luke is right,” Joy echoed.

Subsequently, the three children heard a maid calling out for them from outside. Thus, they stealthily left the little wooden cabin.

Joy even took the piece of human skin from Luke and carefully placed it into her pocket for safekeeping.

“Why are you looking for us?” Luke asked, gazing at the maid who hollered their names.

“Ah, Mr. Seet told me to inform you all to memorize your rhymes and do your exercises after playing for a while. He said not to neglect your studies just because you’re busy having fun. Otherwise, he’ll have someone tear down the amusement park,” the maid answered.

“Tear down the amusement park? Uncle Davin is really domineering!” Joy groused with a pout.

“Where is my daddy? Where did he go?”

“He went to the Muir residence with Mrs. Seet. He said he has some matters to attend to and that he won’t be joining you for dinner.”

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