Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092 A Mini Amusement Park

Zayden, Luke, and Joy went to Sophia and told her about their idea. Hearing that, Sophia gaped at them with surprise etched across her features. Hmm? Why do they suddenly want to build something in the back garden?

“Are you three craving to go to the amusement park to play? How about this? I’ll have someone bring you all to the amusement park every week, okay?”

“That’s not what we meant, Grandma. We want to use some of the space in the back garden to build a mini amusement park. That way, we can play anytime.”

“Yeah, Grandma. We still need to film during the weekend, so there’s no time for us to play. If we build one at home, it’ll be convenient for us to play!”

At the side, Luke chimed in, “It’s just temporary. When we’re older and no longer like to play, everything can be taken down and reverted to the garden you love.”

“That’s right, Grandma. Can we?”

“Exactly, Grandma! Pretty please? You’re the best grandma in the world!”

And so, similar sentiments rang out, one after another.

Sophia had always pampered her grandchildren, so she couldn’t stand firm in the face of them cajoling her and acting coquettishly. In no time, she relented.

“Okay, fine, fine. I’ll allow it. I really can’t say no to the lot of you! However, you can’t touch the flowerbeds and flower walls in the garden.”

The three children were stunned for a moment before nodding in unison.

After all, building an amusement park in the back garden was just an excuse for them to have more opportunities to keep their two guests company.

With the amusement park there, no one would be suspicious no matter how long they spent in the back garden.

After obtaining Sophia’s consent, they instantly went to Davin and had him arrange for people to build the amusement park.

Davin had no objections either, ordering Blake to make the necessary arrangements for it.

Naturally, the three children went to the back garden whenever they had time to see the progress of their amusement park.

As they watched a merry-go-round, log ladder, and various rides brought in one after another, they were all over the moon.

“When the amusement park is ready, we can play with Max!” Zayden said to the other two children.

“No way! He’ll be discovered if he comes out to play,” Luke protested.

“Then… Then, we can let him play at night! He won’t be discovered when it’s dark,” Zayden suggested, scratching his petite head.

At that, Luke had no retort left.

Meanwhile, Joy was staring in the direction of the little wooden cabin thoughtfully without saying a single word, deep in contemplation. Zayden called her twice before she snapped back to her senses.

“What’s wrong with you, Joy? What are you thinking about?”

“I’m wondering how they got in when the Seet Residence’s walls are so high.”

Zayden lifted his head and looked at the walls before he scratched his petite head again. She’s right. It’s not easy to get in when the Seet Residence’s walls are so high.

Likewise, Luke chimed in that their attention was on Max, who was injured that day, so they didn’t give that matter much thought. But on second thought, it was indeed an enigma that he got in despite the high walls.

All of a sudden, Zayden asked, “Could it be that they know martial arts? Those who know martial arts can leap onto roofs and vault over walls!”

At once, Luke and Joy were rendered speechless.

They exchanged a glance and said that they would inquire about it the next time they sent food over.

The amusement park was ready in just a single day, equipped with some common small rides carefully selected on Davin’s orders. After school, the three children had a great time playing there.

They purposely selected that spot because it was close to the little wooden cabin. When they played there, they could run over to the little wooden cabin in search of their two guests anytime. As they played, they kept an eye on the movements in the little wooden cabin.

They played until night fell. Seizing the opportunity when there wasn’t anyone in the back garden, they furtively went over to the little wooden cabin.

“Are you two there?” Zayden inquired in a deliberately-lowered voice.

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