Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2090

Chapter 2090 Backyard Makeover

“You’re right. I’m sure your father won’t have any other inordinate ambitions in his mind after that scare.” Sheila sighed. “I don’t feel good seeing the dread on his pale face.”

“Well, we don’t have a choice. Your father didn’t listen to us and took the wrong path. This is the only way to give him a rude awakening,” Davin said.

“I hope his mind can clear up after this. Let’s visit him tomorrow. We’ll tell him everything, including his diagnosis, which is a lie when he finally comes around and realizes that everyone’s life matters, and he can’t do any more evil deeds to harm others.”

Davin insisted Patrick have to come to his senses before they tell him the truth. Otherwise, all their effort would be down the drain.

“I know.”

At the end of the conversation, Zayden, Joy, and Luke walked into the living room.

After greeting Maya and Nina, Joy said, “Uncle Davin, just ask me if you have any questions. I’ll tell you everything.”

“Yeah, Daddy. Ask Joy she knows everything,” Zayden said as he rubbed his arm.

“No, I’m going to ask you.”

“Huh?” Zayden’s eyes widened as his lips formed a small “O”.

Maya and Nina were curious. “Uncle Davin, what are you going to ask Zayden?”

“Yeah. You gave Zayden quite a fright.”

“I believed the three of them had done something bad in the backyard. I just wanted to know what they did,” Davin replied. Just as he was about to ask Zayden, Joy interrupted him.

“We were planning to catch some fish from the pond and pick some flowers to decorate our room, then thought the stone path was uncomfortable on our soles, so we wanted to lay a carpet over it. Since the backyard was huge, we wanted to build a small play area in the middle, but then we figured a swimming pool would be perfect there too. We were discussing giving the backyard a makeover but were scared that Grandpa, Grandma, you, and Aunt Sheila wouldn’t agree to it. Hence, we decided to do it behind your back, but you found out before we could start. That’s about it. Uncle Davin, do you think these reasons are enough? I can come up with a couple more if you need it.”

Davin narrowed his eyes at Joy in suspicion briefly.

“Is it true?”

Luke nodded his head sincerely while giving Joy a thumbs up in his mind.

Zayden was dumbstruck by Joy’s long-winded excuse but knew to follow suit and nod his head.

“You three are bold. Your grandma was the one who designed the backyard. If you give it a makeover, she’ll give all three of you a terrible scolding. Let me know in the future if you want to build the play area or whatever. I can find another spot for you. Is that okay?”

Zayden’s eyes were shining as he pictured the play area in his mind. He wanted to ask Davin to keep his promise, but Joy beat him to it.

“No, Uncle Davin. We like the backyard, so we’re thinking to transform it into a play area.”

“Why? Do you think that’s a nice place? That’s your grandma’s favorite place. You’ll need her permission.”

“Then, we’ll go and ask Grandma. I bet she’ll agree since she loves us very much.”

Joy hollered for Luke and Zayden to follow her up the stairs toward Sophia’s room.

Davin watched the kids’ backs disappear up the stairs, thinking the kids were just being kids. With that thought, he didn’t doubt the excuse Joy gave earlier.

When the trio got up to the second floor, Joy patted her chest as she let out a relieved exhale. Zayden asked her why not let his dad find another spot to build the play area.

“The spot that Daddy finds will be great. I’m sure the play area will be fun too. Why didn’t you agree?”

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