Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2089

Chapter 2089 Wilbur And Mabel

There was no response from the cabin. After waiting for a few minutes, Joy, Luke, and Zayden met each other gazes. “Are they not in?” Zayden questioned. Luke was curious. “Should we go in and have a look?”

Joy and Zayden nodded with agreement. “We’re coming in!” they shouted as they carefully opened the door to the cabin. They poked their heads in but didn’t see anyone. Feeling curious, they pushed the door further and walked into the cabin.

“Huh? Where are they?” Zayden asked with glassy eyes. Joy and Luke were confused too. They didn’t see the two leave the cabin earlier.

“Do you think they’re out searching for food?” Zayden asked worriedly. “No way. We told them that we would bring some for them,” Luke denied quickly.

Joy wondered about the possible places the two could have gone in the huge backyard.

After contemplating it for a while, Luke cast a worried glance at Zayden and Joy. “Who do you suppose they are? The boy had injuries on his body. Where did you think he got it from?”

“I don’t know maybe someone hit him.” Joy’s eyes blinked slowly as her gaze trailed the interior of the cabin. She felt there was something weird about the two’s disappearance.

Suddenly, they heard a voice calling them from outside. “Mr. Zayden, Ms. Joy, Mr. Davin is looking for you. Where are you?”

The threesome exchanged a glance. Zayden questioned nervously, “Daddy is already looking for us. What should I say if he asks me about it later?”

“Don’t say anything. Let Joy do the talking.” “Right. Leave the talking to me, Zayden.”

“I don’t think that’s possible. What if Daddy insists on asking me?” Zayden asked. Panic laced his tone. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him have that chance.”

After Zayden felt assured by Joy’s words, the trio snuck out of the cabin with light feet. They dashed toward the maid, pretending they were playing hide-and-seek a minute ago. “Were you calling for us?”

“Yes. Mr. Davin is looking for you. Please hurry over.” The trio followed behind the maid to the living room. On the way there, Joy asked, “Did Maya and Nina have something important to discuss with Uncle Davin?”

“I’m not sure about that, Ms. Joy. I heard them talking about Ms. Sheila’s father.”


The trio exchanged a glance.

Zayden sighed. “Lately, my parents have been worried about my grandpa.”

Meanwhile, Davin and Sheila were shocked as they sat in the living room. They just got the news that Wilbur didn’t lose his memory and Mabel was dead.

“Wow. I can’t believe Wilbur’s acting is so good. I truly thought he had lost his memories. So that was the whole story then.” Davin realized as he listened to Maya’s explanation.

“Yeah. I’m sorry for making you worry, Uncle Davin and Aunt Sheila. Wilbur didn’t have a choice. He did it to avenge his mother. It wasn’t his intention to lie to you.”

“Maya, you don’t have to explain on his behalf. We understand his situation. I was just talking with your Uncle Davin about you and Wilbur on our way back earlier. It’s great news that he’s fine. You can live a happy life with him from now on. We are so happy for you.”

“Yeah. With Mabel already dead, your life will be better every day, Maya.”

Maya nodded with agreement, then asked about Patrick.

Sadness crossed Sheila’s face at the thought of Patrick’s current condition.

“Davin and I knocked him out with a sedative during a meal, then sent him to a hospital. The doctor gave him his diagnosis when he woke up. So he’s currently lying at home waiting for Grim Reaper.”

“I can’t believe your father is so scared of dying. Did you see the look on his face when he got his diagnosis? His went pale, and his entire body stiffened,” Davin recounted.

“That diagnosis was like the death penalty for him. I don’t blame him for being scared. How many people in this world are not afraid of dying?”

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