Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087 Hide And Seek

The moment Zayden heard that he would be thrown into the pond, he was scared. He struggled even harder and looked at Sheila for help.

“Mommy, save me! Daddy wants to throw me into the pond. I will drown. The water in the pond is too cold, and there are fish inside too. I-I’m scared. Mommy, help!”

Sheila looked at the son of hers and sighed. He has no acting skills or courage. A little threat from his father, and he is already freaking out.

Forget it. I’ll let Davin teach him a lesson. “I don’t care. You think of a solution by yourself!” With that, Sheila left.

Zayden did not expect that reaction from his mommy. “Mommy, are you going to let me die? Am I really your son? Help! Daddy has gone mad. Daddy is going to throw me into the pond!”

When Joy and Luke heard Zayden’s tragic cries, they immediately ran to him. “Uncle Davin, why are you throwing Zayden into the pond?” asked Joy indignantly.

Luke chimed in too, “That’s right. What’s wrong with Zayden? Why are you throwing him into the pond? You are so unreasonable.”

Davin glanced at the defensive duo and said, “I’m unreasonable? When I asked all of you what you were up to in the back garden, why didn’t you tell me?”

“We did. We didn’t do anything,” claimed Luke. “That’s right, Uncle Davin. We are so obedient. Why would we do anything?” retorted the cheeky Joy.

Davin sneered, “It’s fine if the two of you don’t want to confess. Zayden will answer for it.”

With that, he picked up his pace and strode toward the pond.

“Daddy! Why are you doing this? I’m your own flesh and blood! Do you really want to feed me to the fish?”

“If you cannot be honest with me, then I will definitely feed you to the fish!”

“Uncle Davin, what makes you think that we have done something?”

“Yeah! Do you have any evidence?”

Both Luke and Joy rushed after him.

Davin finally reached the side of the pond with Zayden dangling in the air. He looked at the other two children carefully.

“Of course! When the three of you were sneaking out of the back garden just now, it was obvious that you guys have done something bad. When I called out to you, all of you turned pale and looked scared. You are obviously guilty of something, particularly Zayden. Every time he lied, I can tell! Speak! What have all of you done?”

Luke asked casually, “Are you assuming that we have done something wrong based purely on your observations? Do you have any witnesses and evidence?” Davin sized Luke up. He’s indeed Levant’s son. That cool demeanor resembles that of his dad.

“So, you want evidence? Fine. Both you and Joy go and wait over there. Ten minutes later, I’ll show you the proof.”

The children were dumbfounded.

Luke exchanged glances with Joy. Then, the two of them turned and looked at Zayden. They wondered if Zayden could withstand the interrogation from Uncle Davin. It’s a great secret! He mustn’t tell!

Zayden’s heart was pounding crazily. Oh my god! Daddy is going to send them away. I’m sure he’s going to torture me.

Should I be honest instead?

Just when that thought crossed his mind, he met Joy and Luke’s eyes. Zayden could sense the warning in their looks. If he told the truth, they would never be friends with him again. The two of them would despise him.

Never mind! No matter what happens, I won’t tell.

“Are you telling me or not? Should I really feed you to the fish?”

“Daddy, we really didn’t do anything wrong! All we did was play hide and seek!”

“Hide and seek? The three of you were creeping around and playing hide and seek? Who were you hiding from?”

“N-Nobody. There isn’t anybody,” argued Zayden.

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