Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2086

Chapter 2086 Creeping Around

Once they hung up the phone, Sheila asked Davin, “Who’s that?” “Maya! She says she needs to see me. I guess it has something to do with Wilbur.”

“Wilbur?” Sheila sighed and said, “If we know Wilbur will turn out like this, we won’t have introduced him to Maya. Maya is a stubborn child. What is going to happen to her in the future if she really decides to be with Wilbur?”

“You’re being a genius in retrospect. Nobody will know what will happen in the future. Furthermore, Wilbur may not be like this forever. Perhaps, one day, he may recover and become normal again. I thought Nicole has already found a famous doctor to treat him?”

“But I heard from Nina that those doctors have no idea why Wilbur becomes like this. Do you think Wilbur has some incurable disease?”

Davin shot his wife a glance. “Please don’t say all these in front of Maya. If she hears that, she will get very upset! It will be devastating for her.”

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.” “Good. Maya is a good child. I believe God will be kind to her. Actually…” Davin paused all of a sudden. He found it difficult to say what was on his mind. “What is it?”

“Actually, you should worry about your dad!” At the mention of Patrick, Sheila became speechless and sighed instead.

When they arrived home, they saw Zayden, Joy, and Luke creeping out of the back garden.

Davin frowned. He knew something was wrong and called out to them. “The three of you stop right there!”

His shout scared the wits out of the three young ones. Zayden quivered and patted his chest. “Daddy, you scared me! Why have you appeared out of nowhere?”

“What do you mean I have appeared out of nowhere? I just came back home with your mommy. What are the three of you up to?”


Zayden stared at him with his big, innocent eyes and even sneaked a glance in the direction of the garden. From his expression, Davin could tell that something was definitely up. Zayden was never a good liar.

Davin did not question him any further. He looked at Joy and Luke. Luke avoided meeting his eyes, so it confirmed Davin’s suspicion.

He looked at Joy, and she was all smiling. There was no fear on her face when she met his eyes. All Davin could see on her adorable little face was the smile of Satan.

This girl is a really good actress.

He turned and told Sheila to increase Joy’s parts in the movie. Joy’s acting talents would surely make her famous in the future.

Sheila smiled and said, “You’re right. If these three are up to no good, then Zayden will be the easiest one to question.”

Davin could not agree more. He walked up to the children, carried Zayden, and went to the back garden.

Zayden looked so pitiful as he struggled with all his might.

“Daddy, what are you doing? Put me down. Put me down…”

“Tell me honestly. What were all of you doing in the back garden?” questioned Davin.


“If all of you were doing nothing, why are you creeping around like thieves? Did you damage something?”


“So, you aren’t going to tell me? I’m going to throw you in the pond and let you have a nice, cold shower. Then, we’ll see if you want to tell me!”

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