Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085 Thanks To Uncle Davin

Nicole said, “Maya, don’t think too much about it. Thankfully, Wilbur isn’t an idiot after all. Both your daddy and I won’t have to worry about the two of you in the future.”

During this period, Nicole and Evan had been discussing about Maya and Wilbur every night. Evan had even planned to take Maya and Wilbur to seek for better doctors elsewhere until Wilbur had been cured. As parents, they could not bear to see their daughter suffer for the rest of her life.

“Mommy, you have engaged so many doctors to treat Wilbur. I didn’t know that he has been putting up an act all this while. I’m so sorry about that. The next time he wants to pull off the same stunt, I’ll make sure he informs you in advance so that he won’t cause you any problems.”

Nicole smiled. “Silly girl. I’m sure Wilbur has his reasons for doing that. I understand. I only hope that both of you can lead a happy life from now on.”

Maya nodded. “Mommy, we will. I will do my best to manage our marriage. Wilbur says Daddy is the man that he envies the most because everyone in Y City knows how loving Daddy and you are. Wilbur even says that he will learn from Daddy how to be a doting husband and be nice to me.”

When Maya was saying that, her face was filled with joy and pride.

Nina made fun of her sister and said, “Maya, in the beginning, you didn’t even like Wilbur and refused to be in a relationship. I didn’t expect you to change your mind so soon. Looks like you are planning for the future, eh? Well, Uncle Davin is the one who introduces both of you to one another. When you get the chance, the two of you must thank Uncle Davin.”

At the mention of Davin, Maya giggled. It turned out that Davin was her benefactor.

“Nina, you’re right. Since I was young, Uncle Davin has always doted on me and protected me the most. I can’t believe he’s the one who has introduced a guy to me now. Hehe. I’m very thankful to him. Why don’t I give Uncle Davin a call right now to express my gratitude?”

As she was speaking, Maya took out her phone and was planning to call Davin when Nina stopped her.

“I don’t think Uncle Davin is at home now, and I doubt he has the time.”

“Why is he so busy? Is Uncle Davin’s new manor undergoing renovation? I believe that Uncle Davin will do a good job at the new manor. When the time comes, it will be flooded with lots of people.”

“No. Both Uncle Davin and Aunt Sheila are busy trying to convince Old Mr. Muir to change his mind! They want to save him from the swamp of desire!”


Maya only understood after Nina explained everything to her. “I see. Did they succeed?”

Nina shook her head. “I don’t know. I didn’t see Aunt Sheila at the filming site earlier today. Why don’t we go over to Seet Residence and check it out?”

“Great! I want to go and visit the two naughty ones as well.”

Maya asked her parents if they would like to join them.

Evan still had something to do while Nicole wanted to go to the hospital to attend to two patients.

After discussing, they called Davin and asked about his whereabouts.

According to Davin, he was on the way back to the Seet Residence. He wanted to know why they were asking.

“Uncle Davin, we are planning to go to Seet Residence too. See you there in a while.”

“Fine. I’ll wait for you at Seet Residence.”

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