Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2084

Chapter 2084 Will Of God

Nicholas paused before asking, “So, what happened after that? How do you want Dad to handle Mom’s funeral?” “Let Dad decide.”

“It was my mom who drove your mom to death. I’m sure Dad will ask you for your input. Wilbur, I hope that you can allow Dad to give her a proper burial. I know you hate her, but she’s already dead. No matter how evil she has been, she has paid for it with her life. Wilbur, there are also times when she has been nice to you. Can you please just let Dad arrange for a proper burial for her?”

Wilbur remained silent for a while. He had also hoped that the grudges from the previous generation could end following Mabel’s demise.

“Don’t worry. If Dad asks me, I’ll advise him to arrange a proper burial ceremony for her.” After all, she realized her wrongdoings before she passed on, and she’s now on her way to apologize to my mom!

It was only then that Nicholas let out a sigh of relief.

He looked at Mabel who was lying in his arms. Mom, rest in peace.

Rodney was initially shocked when he heard about Mabel’s death. He then asked about the cause.

When Wilbur told his dad everything in details, Rodney was stunned.

Back then…

If he did not vomit as a result of overdrinking and accepted the water that Mabel had given him, he would have never met Mabel. He would not have agreed to bring her to the Simpson family to be a chef. Things would not have happened that way.

Two cups of warm water had changed the lives of Wilbur’s mom and him.

“Wil, it was my fault. If I have believed your mom back then and spent more time with her instead of socializing, things wouldn’t have happened the way they did.”

All of a sudden, Nicholas stood up. “It’s my mom’s fault! She falls in love with you and commits such a grave mistake. Dad, let me apologize to Wilbur on my mom’s behalf!”

After that, he actually bowed to Wilbur.

That attitude took Wilbur by surprise.

Rodney did not expect it either. He sighed and said, “Your mom is the one who caused the death of Wil’s mom. She has even destroyed my peaceful family. She deserves to die!”

Both his sons were speechless.

Nicholas bent over with sorrow in his eyes.

No matter what his mom had done, she was already dead. After being Rodney’s wife for so many years, he was not in the least bit sad. Instead, he was full of complaints about her. That was so cold-blooded of him.

“You don’t have to apologize to me. This matter has nothing to do with you. When your mom did all those things, you weren’t even born yet. Please don’t be sorry,” said Wilbur.

Rodney looked at both his sons and said, “Since Wil is so forgiving and did not blame you, let’s just drop this matter.” He then turned to Wilbur and asked for his opinion on Mabel’s funeral.

“Since she’s already gone, it’s better to arrange a proper burial.”

“Wil, you are truly a kind person. Fine. I’ll get someone to see to it. We won’t pursue her wrongdoings anymore. Let’s have a simple funeral and let her go in peace.”

When Maya got back to Imperial Garden, she told Nicole, Evan, and Nina about the death of Mabel.

Nina felt happy for her after hearing that. “Maya, you will be free from now on. You don’t have to worry about that pretentious mother-in-law of yours ever again.”

Maya looked grim. “When she was alive, I really hated her. Now that she is gone, I feel a little…”

“What? You can’t bear to see her die?” teased Nina.

“No, it isn’t that. I just feel that it’s a life after all. Although she gets what she deserves, I still feel sorry that she died like that. Before she died, she even said that it was her karma. Nina, we better do more good deeds in the future.”

“We have never done any bad deeds in the past, have we? Maya, did Mabel’s horrible death scare you badly?”

Maya thought about it and shook her head. “Both Mabel and Wilbur’s mom have killed themselves with the same knife. I feel that it’s God’s will.”

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