Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083 The Truth

When Wilbur finally stepped out, he saw the Hidden Masters holding Nicholas back. “Let him enter.” Subsequently, the Hidden Masters looked to Maya for permission and released Nicholas after she nodded at them.

Just a while ago, Nicholas had returned home after failing to find Mabel. There, he noticed Wilbur’s aide who had arrived to pick up the fruit knife. Hence, he tailed the aide back here without the latter’s knowledge.

The moment he entered the room and saw Mabel lying in a pool of blood, he was stunned. “Mom!” he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Hurrying up to her side, he felt a burning heartache when he saw the slit wounds on her wrists. After reaching out his trembling hands to feel her breath, his face turned ashen all of a sudden. “Mom… Mom…”

As he held her in his arms, he wailed out to her as if he was calling for her soul to return.

Even though he was cognizant of Mabel’s mistakes and the fact that she wasn’t a good person, it didn’t escape him that everything she did was solely for his sake.

In the entire world, she was the only person who truly cared for him. Meanwhile, Wilbur and Maya walked up to his side. When Maya saw the scene, she didn’t know what to say.

Instead, Wilbur remarked, “She’s already gone. Crying won’t bring her back.”

Raising his gaze, Nicholas looked at Wilbur with tears in his eyes and roared, “You killed her! You’re the one who killed her!”

“She committed suicide,” Wilbur corrected him.

“No, it’s you! You’re the killer!” After screaming his head off, Nicholas turned his attention to the knife. “That’s the murder weapon! I’m going to call the police with it as evidence!”

“You’re right that the knife is the weapon that took your mother’s life. However, it’s the same one that my mom used to commit suicide too. Back in the day, my mom was forced to her death by yours! If you’re planning to call the police, be my guest. I have your mom’s confession and her last words before killing herself on tape. This evidence is sufficient to prove that your mom died to redeem herself for her sins.

“On top of that, I’m also in possession of the recording where you and your mom were conspiring to kill Maya and me. Also, I’m sure we can consider the men you hired for the job to be witnesses, can’t we? How about we provide those evidence to the police? Do you think you’re prepared to bear the weight of the consequences?

“There’s also Dad whom you shouldn’t forget about. I wonder what he will do to you once he finds out the truth? Nicholas, now that your mom is dead, Dad will never take your side. Before she died she told me to take care of you. As long as you stop causing trouble, I will turn a blind eye to your past transgressions. Of course, the decision remains in your hands, for I’ll not stop you from filing a police report.”

Unable to deny the truth in Wilbur’s words, Nicholas fell into deep thought.

If Mom really committed suicide as a form of redemption for her sins, Wilbur will not be punished even if the matter blows up. On the contrary, if the incriminating recording of our plot to kill Maya and Wilbur is revealed, it would be devastating to me, especially with those involved turning into witnesses. In addition, Rodney would likely punish me to placate the Seet family given how Machiavellian he is. In conclusion, Wilbur will escape scot-free, while I will be the one to suffer.

After weighing his options, Nicholas lowered his gaze with repressed emotions.

Mom, you’re the one person in the world who cares about me the most. Regardless of his reasons, Wilbur is the one responsible for your death. Forgive me for not having the means to seek revenge for you right now, but don’t you fret, for I will live up to your expectations by making the Simpson family mine! When that happens, vengeance will be ours!

“Nicholas, I hope that you will turn over a new leaf so that your mom’s sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Clenching Mabel’s sleeve discreetly, Nicholas gathered himself and raised his gaze at Wilbur. “What are you going to tell Dad?”

Wilbur deliberated briefly and replied, “The truth! For so many years, he has misjudged my mom. Thus, I must clear the air.”

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