Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082 If Only

Mabel added, “The reason I want to use that particular knife is so that your mom will feel happy at how I met my end. Also, it’s my way of redeeming myself to her. If you don’t think it’s necessary, you can just hand me anything, and I’ll be on my way to see her.”

Wilbur gave the matter some thought. “Wait, I’ll get someone to get it.” After he walked out of the room, he ordered for the fruit knife to be brought in.

At that moment, he called out to his mom in his heart. Mom, I have finally sought revenge for you. Back then, she had forced you to your death. Today, I’ll use the same method to send her to purgatory. When you see her, remember to hold her accountable for all that she has done!

Meanwhile, Maya approached him and quietly held his hand. “I overheard everything she told you. Now that the truth is out, your mom has finally been vindicated. Thus, you shouldn’t feel sad about it.”

Wilbur nodded in response. “Mmm-hmm!” Forty minutes later, the fruit knife was presented to Wilbur. As the blade glistened with the light, he felt as if his heart was being torn apart when scenes of his mother’s death flashed before his eyes.

Even though he wasn’t able to make out her features, the helplessness and anguish she felt couldn’t be any clearer to him.

After receiving the knife, he held it steadily by the hilt. Then, he returned to the room, emanating an aura of intense hatred.

Striding up to Mabel, he handed it to her.


As she took the knife with her hands, Mabel exclaimed with a deep breath, “Wilbur, remember, treat Nicholas well!”

Just as she spoke, she turned her gaze to her wrist and slit it without any hesitation, causing blood to spew out.

“Wilbur, just like your mom, I’m dying indignantly. She did it for you back then, while I’m doing it now for Nic! Wilbur, Nic isn’t inherently wicked, he—”

Suddenly, Mabel collapsed onto the ground with her head looking up at him. He wasn’t sure if the pain had gotten to her or if it was simply more comfortable that way.

Watching Mabel die caused Wilbur’s hatred-filled heart to suddenly melt.

Even though she had an agenda when she treated him well, he instantly recalled how she patiently coaxed the picky him to eat.

“Wil, be good and have one more mouthful. Just one more… That’s a good boy.”

When he was sick, she stayed by his bed the whole night to tell him stories.

“Wil, Mommy will tell you about the story of the bunny. If you feel uncomfortable, just grab my hand.”

There was once when Rodney was punishing him, she even smuggled food to him.

“Wil, I’ve made your favorite dessert for you. Finish it quickly before your dad sees it.”

As the memories came flooding into his mind, Wilbur could feel his bloodshot eyes moisten.

At the sight of Mabel’s blood flowing up to his feet, Wilbur dropped to his knees all of a sudden.

Unaware of why he acted that way, he stared at her intently. “If, If only you didn’t kill my mom. If, If you…”

When she saw Wilbur choking, Mabel’s eyes flashed unexpectedly.

If only your mom didn’t exist, you too would be my son. How nice it would be when I don’t have to play favorites. Humans are selfish creatures. I’m just one that’s more selfish than the average human. For the sake of Nic taking over the Simpson family, I had no choice but to do what I did. To be honest, you were raised by me too. Even when I pretended to be good to you, it made me feel conflicted inside. If we can go back and redo everything again, would the result still be the same if I treated you like my own son? Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as turning back time.

Finally, Mabel closed her eyes as a faint smile descended upon her face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get Nicholas to give you a good funeral.”

No sooner had he spoken than an argument broke out outside.

“Who’s in there? Is it my mom? Let me in, let me in!”

“You can’t go in! You can’t!”

“Move aside and let me in!”

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