Mistaking the CEO for a Gigolo Chapter 2081

Chapter 2081 An Eye For An Eye

Speechless, Mabel’s heart sank. If you don’t die today, I will lose everything. Rodney will receive a call tomorrow telling him that the man who gave you flowers doesn’t know you at all and the misunderstanding will be cleared up.

“Because… I can’t wait anymore to officially be with Rodney. The earlier I take your place, the better it is for your child. Now that I’ve made myself clear, you will have to make a decision.”

With that, Mabel left the room. Sitting on her bed in despair, Angelique pondered in silence. The next day, the maids found her cold body when they wanted to wake her up for breakfast.

She had cut her own wrists the night before. In the will she left behind, she asked Rodney and Mabel to treat Wilbur well. Or else, she threatened to come back from the dead to haunt them.

Once he heard the story, Wilbur clenched his fist with a conflicted expression. As images of how his mother died emerged in his mind, he was filled with a mix of disappointment, despair, and helplessness.

After a long silence, he asked in a throaty voice, “Dad didn’t ask you to spike her food. It was you—”

Mabel took a deep breath. “At this stage, there’s no point in me hiding anything. The drug that I fed your mother wasn’t poison and posed no danger to her at all. All it does is frustrate her and suppress her libido. The reason I told her it was poison was so that she would believe that she was dying and couldn’t be cured.”

“In the end, you didn’t poison her nor dared to actually do it. Even when you forced her to commit suicide, you still didn’t have the guts to harm her. Was it because you were worried that Dad would punish you when he found out?”

“Yes. My goal was for her to die while I continued to live free and well. If I had killed her, there would definitely be consequences. However, pressuring her into killing herself was different, as I wouldn’t be implicated in the investigations.”

“You truly are a wicked one. When you forced her to her death, did it ever cross your mind that her son would do the same to you too?” Wilbur asked.

Mabel snorted, “Yes, karma is a b*tch indeed! Wilbur, I have already told you everything you wanted to know. Now, you must let Nic go just as you’ve promised.”

Wilbur looked at her with a gaze so sharp that it could pierce right through her heart.

“Let go of him? I can do that, but how am I going to hold you accountable for killing my mom?”

Staring at Wilbur, Mabel sneered, “Before I told you everything, I have already made my decision. Since your mom slit her own wrists, I’ll go see her with the exact same method and tell her that her son has exacted revenge on her behalf. Are you satisfied with that?”

Wilbur was stunned.

Is she really that ready to face death?

“There’s no need for any doubt, for I’m ready to die at this very moment. However, there’s something I have to point out. When your mother died, I promised her that I would treat you well. Although I have used you to portray myself as a loving mother and never treated you as my own son, I have never harmed you during all those years. Therefore, before I die, I want you to guarantee that you will not hurt Nic. Can you do that for me?”

Silence descended upon Wilbur. Even though Nicholas tried to hurt him before, they were still stepbrothers. Other than his father, Nicholas was the closest family he had.

“I will give him a chance as long as he turns over a new leaf and doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

“Fine, remember your words! If you dare harm him or put him in a difficult spot, I will come back and haunt you!”

Subsequently, Mabel asked Wilbur to get her a fruit knife from the Simpson residence.

“Inside the kitchen, there is a wooden box on the shelf that contains the knife that your mom used to slit her own wrist. Now, I want to use that same knife too. Therefore, get someone to bring it here.”

Unsure of what she had up her sleeve, Wilbur hesitated.

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